Thursday, May 27, 2010

~Ton's Thoughts on Thursday~

....I'm obsessed! I could watch HGTV all day...if I didn't have a job or 2 kids! And it gets better....Michael loves it too!! He'll watch it sometimes without me! :) Gotta love a man who can watch a show about redecorating and remodeling! hehe

Yes, so we are making our 4th trip to New Orleans this year. Except this time we're making it an "All About Abby" trip! We're leaving Parker with my parents, and we're taking Abby to the new children's museum and to the zoo. We're just staying one night, so we've got lots to cram into 2 days....lots of eating, sightseeing, shopping, and playing! The past 9 months have been hard on Abby. She's gone from having all our attention to having....well....not all our attention. So, that's why we decided to leave Parker behind. We want and NEED some alone time with Abby! Oh, and our Esser Besties will be there, so it'll be extra fun!

*Campus visits are my favorite!
One aspect of my job is to give tours around campus. It's one of my favorite parts of my job, because I never know how it's gonna go down. But I loveeeeeeeee meeting new people, so it's like I get to meet new friends every day :) Anyway, I had a guy come in the other day for a campus visit. I asked his name and he had to repeat it twice for me to understand......"Da Hottie"....That's probably not how you spell it, but that's how it's pronounced! haha!!! So....can I just call you "Hottie"?? hehe!

*Curly hair????????
So....Parker's hair is getting longer....and CURLY! He's got a few places on his head that have ringlet curls! I'm in love. Who does he get curly hair from? Well, my dad and my sister both have curly hair. There's really nothing cuter than a little boy with curly hair.....even though he'll probably hate it when he's older. I hope the curls keeping curling :)

*Didn't I just get a new car?
Yes, I did! And I really do love my Burban Bus! But I have a dream car.....a 2010 2 toned White/Tan Toyota Sequoia. Oh. My. Gosh. They are FINE! Michael told me to go get me one! (I really am blessed to have a man that is on board with any and every idea I come up with!) But we just can't afford it right now....and I'm happy with my vehicle. day....I will have one!

*Birth control update
UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! It's just another reason to hate being a woman! Can't life just be easy? And perfect? YES IT CAN! But not until we, until then we'll just be hormonal and crazy! haha!!! So, Monday night I forgot to take my pill. I woke up Tuesday as Satan. I was mean, irritable, emotional, and just blah! Well then Tuesday night I take Monday's pill AND Tuesday's pill. I woke up Wednesday nausiated! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!! I called my OBGYN's nurse and asked her what the heck was going on. She said that when you miss a day, your body kinda freaks out. YA THINK!?!?!? She told me to keep taking it for another 2 months to see if everything will just even out. I told her that in 2 more months I may be divorced, unemployed, have no friends, and be in Whitfield. I'm thinking that I'd just rather take my chances that we'd have 200 more kids than to stay on this birth control any longer. We'll see.

*Adding a member to our family?
No....not a child. A dog. Michael and I have been tossing this idea around for about a year now. We just keep talking ourselves out of it, because we're gone so much. Who would take care of the dog while we're gone. And is it really fair to leave it all the time? I'm not the type of person to have a pet just to have it. I want to be able to play with it and make it a member of our family. So....are we ready for this yet? I'm just not sure? Yeah, it could be an outside pet....but I would feel bad leaving it out in the cold/rain/heat while we're inside enjoying the heat/dry/air. If you have any advice, then please do share!'s 10:00 and I'm tard!!!!!!!! I hope everyone has a FABULOUS FRIDAY! And a WONDERFUL WEEKEND! And a MEMORABLE MEMORIAL day! hahaha!!!

your friend/sister/wife/daughter/co-worker,
TB ;)

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