Thursday, May 20, 2010

~Ton's Thoughts on Thursday~

*Spray tan
I've been taking this antibiotic that won't allow me to be in the sun. UGH!!! So, for the past week I haven't laid out or gone to the tanning bed. Well, when you have super fair skin, you have to tan consistently to keep color. Needless to say, my tan is GONE! Soooo.....I've decided to take the plunge and just get sprayed! I go tomorrow. I've been sprayed once before and I loved how it turned out. I'm excited about being tan again....but this only lasts for a week. What will I do then? Hmmmm.....

*Forever Young
Have you heard this song by Jay Z? Well, turn up your volume and you can! (I couldn't find the edited version, so you'll have to excuse some of the dirty words) :) I heard it on the way to work this morning, and now that I have this commute alone.....I jam out! Sometimes I use this time for praise & worship, sometimes I use this time to just be silent, and sometimes I use this time to get my jam on! So, this morning I got crunk about being FOREVER YOUNG! I may age year after year, but I can promise you that inside I will be young foreverrrr!

*Half day Friday
Yes, I work through the summer. Most people think I have summers off because I work at a school. Well, I don't! It's a big bummer, because it's a ghost town around Co-Lin during the summer. But we DO get off at 12:30 on Fridays, so that's a big plus! Some Fridays I'll go straight home to my kiddos so we can play....but some Fridays I'll keep the sitter til 4:00 so I can go enjoy some me time! Like tomorrow......exercise, hair appointment, and spray tan! YAY for Fridays!!!!

My close friends know that I get real bored with my hair!!!!!!!!!!!! I change something about my hair like every 2 months. Well, now that I've cut ALL my hair off, I can do nothing now but wait for it to grow. B-O-R-I-N-G!!! Not to mention that I have 320480298340398 layers, so it will be a hott mess while it grows out. Well, one of my co-workers gave me the brilliant idea of wearing wigs! hahahaha!!!! HECK YES! I have no idea where to even buy wigs....but I'm about to find out. The first one I will purchase will be a black bob. I've always wanted to know what I'd look like with black hair. :) How perfect is this??? Now I can change my hair without really changing it. No, I won't wear wigs every day....but I think it'll be super fun to do every now and then. And plus....I can't wait to see everyone's reaction! There's never a dull moment in my life....I'm always looking for ways to keep it interesting. (As if 2 kiddos aren't enough)

*Childlike faith
So, last night Abby was too scared to sleep in her bed, so after an hour of arguing with her about it -Michael and I decided she could sleep with us. Abby and I were cuddling, and she looked at me and said...."Mama, when I die will I go to heaven with Jesus?" Oh my goodness! What a sweet question!!! I'm not sure Abby's ready for the "how to be saved" talk yet, so I just kept this conversation as innocent and simple as possible. So, I said to her...."Yes baby, you'll go to heaven!" And then she asked, "Will Jesus make me into an angel?" I said, "Yes He will! And you will be the most beautiful angel!!" Then she said, just as concerned as can be, "But mama, I don't even have an angel costume!" haha!!! I couldn't help but kinda laugh, and then I said, "Well, Jesus will have one for you when you get to heaven." She asked, "But will He have a tiny one that will fit me?" Then with a knot in my stomach I replied, "Yes baby, but hopefully you'll be big when you get to heaven. I'm not ready for you to go just yet." And she said, "It's okay mama, I want you to go with me." I still tear up when I think about it. My sweet baby girl is so in love with Jesus at such an early age. She doesn't really know all the details about who Jesus is, but she doesn't have to....all she knows is-she loves Him! Where is my childlike faith? Why do I overanalyze everything? Jesus wants us to grow in our faith, but He also wants us to keep the childlike innocence and just love Him for who He is.

Alright, well this laptop is about to die....and I'm way too lazy to go get the charger out of my room!!! :) I hope yall have a good night....tune in tomorrow for Friday's Friend!

much love,

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  1. Oh Tonya, Abby is so sweet! I got choked up myself. Now that I am a mother I cant imagine hearing Cole ask me that. You are such a great mother. You answered her better than I think I could have answered Cole.
    I hope your spray tan turned out great. I gotta get to tanning myself! Well I go back to work tomorrow. Im not looking forward to leaving Cole. I will get through. I miss talking to you. We have to get together soon. Email me sometime if you have time.

    Love ya