Thursday, May 6, 2010

~Ton's Thoughts on Thursday~

*Wrinkle Release

I do not iron. So, thank God for Downy Wrinkle Release. Who would want to iron when this spray can do the job for you????? Pick out what you want to wear. Spray some wrinkle release all over it. Jump in the shower. Put on your make up. Get kids ready. Eat breakfast. And wah-lah (i know that is NOT the correct spelling)....your clothes are hanging up, ready for you to put on. And you didn't even have to waste time ironing! Works for me! :)

*Facebook clean-up

So, yesterday I decided to delete some of my facebook friends. Why? Oh, I don't know? haha! Well, mainly because I was watching a show where this kid was kidnapped because some "stalker" found them through MySpace!!!!!!!!!! So, I decided...."I'm not really FRIENDS with 950 people" I went through my friends list and started deleting. If you were not deleted, then congrats....we're FRIENDS! hahahaha!!!!!
*New office/New attitude
Well, not really a NEW office. I just got bored yesterday at work (which hardly EVER happens), so I decided to rearrange and organize my office. I moved my computer closer to the window so that I could enjoy the view while I work, I cleaned out my filing cabinets, I dusted, I redid my bulletin board, rearranged my bookcases, and made a list of things I NEEEEED for my office (flowers/plants, something new to hang on my door, candy for my candy dish, curtains, a rug, maybe a couch haaaaa!!!!!!). So, when I got to work today my attitude was totally refreshed. It's just something about an organized office that makes you want to work!
Yes, I have joined the headband club. I went and bought several headbands yesterday. You know, the ones with the big flowers on them? SUPER CUTE! But when you're 3 year old asks you if she can borrow them, you start I too old for this? lol!
*Mothers Day
When did I turn into such a procrastinator??????????? I have not bought a single Mother's Day gift, or bought food to cook for my entire family that I'm having over, or a new dress to wear. Yikes!!! I have several "ideas" for Mother's Day, but I haven't done anything yet! As far as the food, we may just have something simple. And as far as a new dress....I may just have to re-vamp an old one?!
While we're on the subject of Mother's Day, I also want to share that Parker will be dedicated this Sunday! It's the absolute best Mother's Day gift EVER!!! The Lord has blessed me with 3 pregnancies, and rewarded me with 2 beautiful children. I'm just so excited about seeing the Lord use my children in the years to come. And I look forward to the day when I can meet my baby that He took home.
*Exercise update
UGH!!!!!!!!! There is no update. Because there is no exercise. What happened to me?? I used to work out EVERY SINGLE DAY. Now I'd just rather eat. Motivation, where art thou???????
*Shout out to all my Co-Lin followers
I'm so excited to know that I have several co-workers following my blog. I love yall!
*Brookhaven Spring Carnival
Do you live in the Brookhaven area? Then you doNOT want to miss out on this!!! This will be the first time Brookhaven has ever seen a carnival to this degree. Rides. Games. Food. It's going to be like a miniature MS state fair!!! It starts tonight and goes through Sunday! Bring the kiddos. It'll be a blast!!!!!!
*National Day of Prayer
Yes, it is today! If you're not able to participate in a group prayer today, then pray on your own. Pray for our country, pray for your spouse, pray for your friends, your co-workers, your children, YOURSELF!!! Here are several things that are on my prayer list for today, join me in lifting these up:
-a friend messaged me last night and said that one of her friend's TWO YEAR OLD daughter just found out she had a brain tumor. They were doing surgery today. (that really hits home with me!)
-a co-worker's son (almost 2) has been having seizures. They are running tests today.
-my mom's pap smear (sp?) came back abnormal and they're running more tests today.
-my dad is not a Christian.
-a friend of mine lost his mom to cancer a while back, and my heart has been hurting for him all week with Mother's Day coming up. Pray for those who have lost their moms. Sunday will be hard for them.
pray without ceasing,

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