Saturday, October 2, 2010


*go state. GO STATE!!!!!
The first weekend of September, me and Michael headed to Starkville for the MSU game. It was such a fun weekend getaway for us and to make it even better.....STATE WON!!!!!! yay :) We spent the night in a cabin at Lake Tia'Kata (SP??). We woke up the next morning and had breakfast on the outside deck overlooking the lake. It was SO fabulous. We were SUPPOSED to go shopping on our way home, but after a silly argument and 2 hours of not talking...we decided to just go on home ;) I tell you that, because we're a normal married couple...we argue....about silly things!

2 weekends later, we went to the LSU/MSU game at Death Valley. I am a big LSU fan, so I had to cheer on the Tigers this time. (side note: if you DON'T cheer on the Tigers at Tiger could possibly die. seriously!) We had such a fun weekend in Baton Rouge. Michael and I went with my sister, a guy I used to baby sit for, his new girlfriend (BOOOOO!!!!), and another couple that were SUPER fun! We tailgated at a little pub before the game and then went back after the game to eat and dance!! As always, we had an awesome time...but we were SO ready to see the kiddos!

*Tailgate Party at Co-Lin
Are you seeing a serious pattern here? Football is consuming my life. And I'm LOVING it!!!!!! On September 23rd, we had Senior Night at Co-Lin. All the High School Seniors in our district were invited to a Tailgate Party for the Co-Lin/Jones game! Free food and free admission to the game! We had a blast!! The Trailblazers were there to meet & greet...and I was able to snap a few shots of them! I LOVEEEEE this group of students!! :)

*New hair-do
It's fall, so what does that mean.....time to change my hair!!! haha!! Of course I wanted to do something wild and crazy....but Michael made me promise I'd keep some blonde in it. So, my fab hair dresser put some dark underneath and kept blonde on top. I loveeee it!! This is the only pic I have of it so far, but I'll take more soon!

Michael and I got to share our "relationship testimony" to the youth group at our church this past Wednesday. It was our first time to ever share this with a group, and it was SO neat!!! The students were really interested in what we had to say, and it was neat to let God use our story to minister to other people. If you don't know our story, go back to my February 2010 posts. God is good. All the time!

He is sick. The poor kid has the worst allergies! He's got a runny nose, bad cough, watery eyes. The whole 9 yards! :( But besides for that, he's loving school, still trying to walk, fighting with his sister, loves being on the go (i've ruined both my kids), he loves to scream, loves bathtime with his sissie, hates to go to sleep (but he is sleeping in his own bed!), he has 5 1/2 teeth, he's in size 4 diapers, eats everything in sight, loves playing outside, and has super long wavy hair (michael wants to cut it so bad, but it's just not gonna happen!) :)

Here is my interview with my Abby Lynn:
1)What is your favorite color?
2)What is your favorite thing about school?
I like to play on the monkey bars, and I like to play on the slide. I like to play in the kitchen. And I like to do centers. I like to eat snack with my friends.
3)What do you like about church?
I like getting a sticker when I sign in. I like my sunday school class. I like to learn about Jesus. He takes care of me. He loves us so much.
4)Who do you like to cheer for?
Co-Lin Wolfpack!!!
5)Who's your best friend?
Allison Hamilton
6)What do you and Allison do together?
play hide-n-go seek and play on the playground.
7)What's your favorite show?
Wonderpets, Dora, and Yo Gabba Gabba
8)What do you like to do at home?
play on the iPad, play outside, watch cartoons
9)What do you like most about yourself?
my muscles
10)What is something you wish for?
Disney World

Well, there you have it.....straight from the 3 year old's mouth! :)

Now Abby wants to interview me:
1)What do you like to do at home?
play with you and Parker. cuddle with daddy.
2)What do you do at work?
i go to high schools and talk to students.
3)What's your favorite part about going to high school?
i like to get to know the students and make friends.
4)Do you like to eat salad????? (haha)
yes, sometimes
5)Do you like to play on the playground?
yupp...i love to play with you and parker and daddy!
6)Do you like to play golf?
Not really, but I like to go drive the golf cart with daddy
7)Do you have to do homework?
8)Do you like to go to the beach?
YES!!!! I love going to the beach! It's my favorite :)

Well, I hope yall enjoyed this fabulous blog post! haha!!! We are getting ready to enjoy this beautiful day at the OleBrook Festival. Stay tuned for pics next month :)