Sunday, May 16, 2010

Breaking FREE!!!!

So, today I was finally able to finish the FIRST session of the "Breaking Free" bible study by Beth Moore. I hope each session does not take me a week to complete, but if it does, then so be it. I don't want to rush through this study....but I don't want to drag it out either. I am SO excited about what God is going to do in my life, and I want to share a little with yall along the way.

*When you live in fear of the spirit, you live in defeat!*
Wow! When she said that, I was like...."NOOOO!! I don't want to be defeated!!!" Well, I'm going to be, unless I stop living in fear! I never realized that living in fear of the spirit was giving Satan total victory in my life. That's my motivation to break free!

*The people of God can be very OPPRESSED by the enemy.
-The definition of oppressed overwhelm or crush.
-Do you feel overwhelmed or crushed? Oh, I do!
-4 reasons why we can become crushed by the enemy:
1)Testing-God will allow it, in order to grow us.
2)Chastisement (or punishment) for rebellion against God
3)Lack of submission to God's authority
4)Weakness in warfare
.....Ok, I think I can pretty much relate to all 4 reasons!

*For the Christian.....
-Our prison doors are locked from the INSIDE!
-Satan does not not not hold the key!!! He has no authority in our life, so STOP giving him permission!

*In order to be free, you must recognize and forsake all other "gods" or idols.

*God recognizes our fears and insecurities....
-This was neat for me to understand, because I always feel bad when I feel fearful or insecure. But God recognizes this in me...and He wants me to know that if I will stick with Him, He will make me a "mighty warrior."

I am very encouraged as I start this journey of breaking free. God doesn't promise that this will be an easy, painfree journey. But He sees the potential in His children , and He appoints the experiences necessary for us to fulfill our destiny and march to victory.

Thank you, Jesus, for recognizing my sinful filthy self and still loving me. Help me to understand that in order to break free, I've got to stop allowing satan a foothold in my life. Help me, Jesus, to surrender my whole self to you, so that I can be the wife, mommy, friend, sister, child, and Christian that I am called to be.

marching towards victory,

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