Thursday, December 17, 2009

The countdown to Christmas...

So, on my way to work this morning I was really struck by something. I have very random things that go on in this blonde head of mine, but sometimes the Lord uses those random thoughts and turns them into an idea!!!! So, as I was heading to work, I was just thinking to myself..."Gosh, I'm so warm with my heated seats and the heat blowing on my face"....and then my thoughts were turned to those less fortunate. I was thinking about the homeless people that are sitting under bridges in this 30 degree weather with no heat or blankets, or the people that have no cars and walk or ride their bike to work, or perhaps the kids that have no warm really made me sad. I take SOOOOOO much for granted, and I don't even realize it! That's when I started thinking, "WHAT CAN I DO?" I know I can't help the world, but if I can help just ONE person a day, then I can make a difference in that person's life. So, I'm going to countdown to Christmas in a whole new way this year, and I want YOU to join me!!! We have 7 days left until Christmas, so that's 7 lives that we can help! If we commit to help at least 1 person a day from now until Christmas, then that's 7 lives that we can impact!! Maybe you could bake your elderly neighbors some cookies, or offer to wrap a pregnant friend's Christmas presents, or maybe you see a stranger at Wal-Mart that needs help loading their groceries into the car, or you see a hitchhiker on the side of the road and you offer them a jacket that you have in your trunk. Whatever it might be, let's try to help those in need this holiday season! I'm going to include Abby in on this too, because I want her to learn at an early age what Christmas is all about. So, I'll try to update my blog every day over the next 7 days and tell yall about what opportunities the Lord has brought to my plate that day. And pleaseeeeeeeeeee share with me too!!!!! I hope to hear from some of yall over the next 7 days.

Tonya :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My heart overflows!

The best way to sum up the past 3 1/2 months isn't "overload" but "overFLOW"!!

*Abby- She will be 3 on January 7th. She is a precious angel....sassy...but precious!!!! She is SOOOOOOOOOO much like me, it totally cracks me up. She uses phrases that I do (ex: I told her to clean her room one day and she looked at me and said, "I'm so sure!") WOW'zers!!! And even through her sassy'ness, she has already started to show a love for the Lord, and that melts my heart like nothing else in this world. (ex: I told her one day that me and her daddy were very proud of her, and she asked, "Is Jesus proud of me too?"....and when we sit down to eat, she promptly reminds us to hold hands and say the blessing). She is so into Santa this year...and Buddy (our elf on the shelf). I didn't think anyone could love Christmas more than me, but I have definitley met my match! :) And last, but most assuredly not least...she is the BEST big sister!!!! She loves her baby brother more than I could have ever imagined! She's had the "crud" for about a week, so I've TRIED to keep her away from him, but that is not physically possible...she wants to be loving on him at all times!

*Parker- He is 3 1/2 months old!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT?!?! Where does the time go? I cannot get enough of him!! Since I've started back to work (full time), when I get home, all I want to do is cuddle and rock with him. Needless to say, he is spoiled R-O-T-T-E-N. (ex: he never spent one night in his bassinet, and has not slept a wink in his crib...I have to have him cuddled by me!!) Call us bad parents, but Michael and I loveeeeeeeee our kids snuggled in the bed with us (it just makes for creative romance LOL). Kids are only little once, so we're saving the hard core schedules for their teen years. I know the day will come when they won't sleep with us, and they won't hang out with us on Friday nights, so I'm enjoying this time while I can! Other things Parker is doing: Cooing (he talks constantly...especially to Abby...he LOVES her!), he smiles all the time (especially at me...he is a big time mama's boy!), rolling over (sometimes....he's pretty lazy for the most part), fighting sleep (ugh...this is my least favorite...once again, it's my fault because I spoil him and now he thinks he HAS to be rocked to sleep!), he loves to watch TV (especially football with his daddy), he flares his nostrils when he gets excited, he loves chewing on his hands (i think he might be trying to teethe already), and oh my gosh...this boy poots more than anyone I know!!!!!!!!!! haha!!

*Michael- Michael is still working at Farm Bureau, and is doing SO great! He's won about 5 trips since August, and even though I tease him about it...I am SO proud of how successful he's been! He's really enjoyed being "Handy Man" in our new house. He takes so much pride in our new home and is constantly looking for things to do around the house!

*Me- I am working at Co-Lin as the student recruiter, and I L-O-V-E my job!!! It's hard leaving my kids every day, but I look forward to spending each day with great friends! I am also in love with our new home. It's the best feeling to get off work every day and go to a cozy home. However, keeping a 2400 sq ft house clean is ALOT harder than keeping a 700 sq ft house clean! haha!! I think all our Christmas parties have slowed down, so I'm really looking forward to just relaxing over the next 10 days and enjoying the Christmas season!

I hope yall have enjoyed the pics and updates....but most of all, I hope everyone has a VERY MERRY Christmas, and a fabulous New Year!!!!!!!

Jesus is the reason for the season,
Tonya :)