Friday, June 18, 2010


Ok, so I'm finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy getting around to posting some updated pics! Before I do, let me share a few thoughts (since I didn't get to yesterday).

*Parker-is the most precious baby in the world!!! At 9 months he: weighs 18 lbs and is 27 1/2 in long, eats like a pig, loves to snack (on crunchies and yogurt melts), isn't real interested in juice, when you get on to him-he smiles and keeps on going, he has a favorite paci-like just one-and when we can't find it the world stops, he grunts to communicate, he points, everything is da-da-da-da-da, and his favorite show is The Wonder Pets.

*Abby-is HILARIOUS!!!!!! She never ceases to amaze me with what will come out of her mouth next. Here are a few quotes from this week: "Mama, I'll be sweet TOMORROW," "Me and Daddy saw a rainbow and I saw God's house under it," "Hey, (stranger) did you know that I got an iPad?," "I need to water the tree because God told me to"....and the list goes on.

Here are some updates pics from the past few weeks:

Tune in Sunday for "Friday's FriendS." I will honor all the dads in my life!

night night,

Saturday, June 12, 2010

LOTS to say!!!!!!

Ok, I'm wayyyyy behind on blogging this week. As well as household duties, and sleep! I am in the recliner right now after a long morning of ACT supervising.....and after a super long day in Jackson yesterday. 7 hours. 2 kids. By myself. EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!!! But for some reason, I still can't manage to sit still. I have been cleaning my house since I got home. And I have made plans tonight for the fam to go to The Cunningham's house ( for a cookout/water slide party. Life is short. Might as well have fun.....and be exhausted! :) My goal is to eventually catch up on "Ton's Thoughts" and "Friday's Friend" new pics....funny stories....and updates.....but right now all I want to do is sleep. So....I'm gonna catch yall up on some of my thoughts from this week. The next post will be updates and updated pics! (hopefully!)

*My dream car
Soooo....I got a new vehicle this week. If you refer back to last week's thoughts (i think), you will see that ONE of my dream cars is a white sequoia. Well, Michael got a phone call from his cousin, Justin Bishop who works at Herrin Gear Toyota, the other day and he told Michael that someone just traded in a white sequoia. We went to look at it and I fell in love!!!!! IT IS FINE! Exactly what I wanted! It's a year older than the Burban was and it has a little more miles on it, but a Toyota will long outlast a Chevy and they ended up giving us $1,500 more than we paid for the Suburban!!!! That is UNHEARD of with a trade in! So....we left there with the Sequoia AND $2,000 in our pocket! brainer! And I'm one happy girl :)

*Junk food JUNKIE!!!
I cannot force myself to eat healthy??? I've been working out alot lately, but all I can eat is junk food. So.....I'm pretty much working out so that I can eat! I'm getting nowhere!

I get a bad migraine about once every 6 months. It starts with seeing dots in my right eye. That's how I know it's about to start. So, Wednesday I start seeing dots. I take a pain killler (which ends up being expired). An hour later, I'm layin on the couch sound...sick as a dog. I finally go get in the bed at 8:00. I wake up the next morning feeling much better but super drained! YUCK!

I got an iPad for my birthday! Michael cannot wait to give presents. haha! I was sooooooooooo excited. Michael's mom got one a few weeks ago, and I have been playing with hers. Now I have my very own!!!! Well, Abby thinks it is partially hers. ha! Which it pretty much is...I've downloaded more apps for her than for me! I can't wait to get lots of fun apps on it.....for me!!!

I had a random thought the other day. Can you imagine that? ha!! I was chewing gum....which I rarely do because I hate when it loses flavor. And I started thinking. Is gum really made from whale fat? If so....what does tasteless gum taste like? Gross.

*5 hour energy shot
OH.MY.GOSH. I have never taken one of these, but my boss has told me several times that they work really good for her. So....yesterday before I ventured off to Jackson, I decided to take one. NEVER AGAIN!!!!! It made me very anxious and super tired!! I was real shaky and had bad anxiety all day. It was either the energy shot, or the fact that Jackson motorists make me a nervous wreck....and I had the kids all day by myself. Either was a very tiring day!

*Red, Yellow, Black, & White
Sooo....we went to see my dad yesterday while we were in Jackson. I had both kids in the waiting room because I had to feed Parker. Abby was walking around seeing what she could get into. All of the sudden she sees a little boy playing a "gameboy" (i don't know what they call them these days). She inches over towards him, and the little black boy (about 6 years old) tells her that she can watch him. So, she goes and gets in the chair with him. After a few minutes of watching him, he offers the game to Abby so she can play. He sits there and teaches Abby how to play and they are having the best time together. They got a few looks from other people in the waiting room, but it warmed my heart SOOOOOOOOOOOO much to see my sweet girl playing with this little boy. She has never questioned the color of someone's skin. Not once. Michael and I don't refer to people by the color of their skin. I've always been the type of person to judge someone for who they are on the inside, not the outside. I hope Abby continues to do the same.

*Spray tan
Sooo...I fell in love with my spray tan I got several weeks ago. So much so that I went to Sally's and bought a self-spray tanner. It comes with a refillable "gun" that you put cans of tanner in. I wasn't real sure how I was going to spray I got Michael to do it. Poor Michael thought it was gonna be a one time thing. Little did he know, it would need to be done every 3 days! haha!! It works really good....and it sure beats laying out in the 100 degree sun! It's called Salon Bronze. If you have a hubby that would be willing to spray you....go get some!

*What's in my bag???
Brittany Grooms, my fellow mama of a 9 monther, tagged me in a post called "What's in your bag?" Well, she made this an entire post, but I'm just too tired/lazy to go take pics of everything in my purse, so I'll just tell you what's in there. Right now I have: a can of hairspray (a big can, because my travel size ran out), 2 brushes, a make up bag, my wallet, 13 receipts, a couple happy meal toys, my iPod touch, phone charger, finger nail polish, tweezers, "Dare to Discipline" book, lotion, pain killers (oh, the joys of having kidney stones), a pair of earrings, gum, my co-lin name tag, 5 pens, a pencil, coupons, my vera bradley business card holder, and the security tag that came off my key to my new car! oh, and of course some money! :)

Ok....this post has taken me about an hour to write.....with a baby that's trying to escape out the back screen door, and a toddler that's trying to talk me out of "rest time." Daddy is outside helping install our tankless hot water heater. I think it's about time to call in for back up :) I hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay tuned for more updates a new pics!

living life in the fast lane,

Friday, June 4, 2010

~Friday's Friend~

~Ashlea McGuire~

(May 2009~I was 6 months preggo)

So, today I want to dedicate this post to a friend that I don't get to see or talk to that much, but I do still consider her a good friend!!!!!!!!!
Ashlea and I kicked off our friendship in a pretty hilarious way!!!!!! We were sitting in a history class at Holmes and I really didn't know Ashlea all that well. I leaned over to her and said, "Hey, do you wanna be in the Holmes beauty pageant?" hahaha!!! I can't remember exactly how the rest of the convo went, but I know it took me a while to talk her into it. And I'm sooooooooo glad I did, because doing this pageant together is a memory I will NeVeR forget!!! First of all, neither one of us had ever done a pageant before. What in the world possessed us to do this??? I can't stop laughing as I type this, because I still don't understand why we did this? Anyway....the day of the pageant, we had to drive to the main campus of Holmes which was in Goodman. The whole way to Goodman we kept asking eachother, "WHAT ARE WE DOING?!?!?" Well, we get there, get our hair and make up done, and head for the stage. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I really can't stop laughing!!!! I seriously don't remember details about the pageant, and it's probably because I've blocked it from my memory!! All I remember is that neither of us got in the Top 20, so we decided to cut on out....even though we were supposed to wait til the end of the pageant because they wanted all the contestants to come back out on the stage. We opted not to do that. We were ready to get out of those stupid dresses and go get a freakin burger!! Our parents started looking for us when they noticed we didn't return to the stage. We met them at the cars and headed home. I can't remember the ride home at all, but I'm sure it consisted of 2 hours of nonstop laughter!
So....from then on, we developed one of the best friendships I have EVER had! We made SOoooooooooo many friends at Holmes and always had something to do. We'd go boating after school, go to parties on the weekends, road trips, we'd spend the night with eachother every single night of the week, and let's not forget college nights on Thursdays! We LIVED for Thursday nights. No, really....we did! I won't even go into details about those nights, but let's just say....I'm so glad we didn't end up dead or in jail! There was always some kind of drama going on around us, but Ashlea and I always managed to stick together through it all. Well, until something happend.....and I am racking my brain but cannot remember what it was....and it kinda took a toll on our friendship. We didn't talk for a really long time, and I was so sad because I knew that I had lost one of my best friends in the world.
Well, we both ended up at USM and we started patching up our friendship. Ashlea hated USM and I loved it! She ended up moving back home and I ended up dating a guy, getting pregnant, marrying him, and moving to his hometown!! Ashlea has also gotten married and is still living in Clinton. Even though we live an hour away from eachother, we still do a pretty good job of keeping in touch.
Ashlea, I wish we could hang out more because I think about you ALL the time and I really miss you!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you and Dan, and even though I haven't been able to get to know him that well.....I can tell that he makes you SO happy!! I cherish all the memories that we have together, and even though we aren't able to make new memories very often....I will always cherish the ones that we are able to make! The song I chose to put with this blog is Daniel Beddingfield's "I gotta get thru this"....I don't know if you remember, but this is the song we listened to the whole way to the pageant that day. I hope you laugh as much as I did while I was typing this!!!!!!! I love you with all my heart!
NOT a pageant girl,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

~tOn'S tHoUgHtS oN tHuRsDaY~

*I need a hobby!
My typical summer day consists of: waking up at 6:00, working from 7:30-4:30, coming home and cleaning the house, cooking dinner (or picking up fast food), playing with the kids, catching up on some DVR (like once a week-if that!), bathing kids, straightening up the house, and then crashing!!! However, the 1st Tuesday of every month is Girl's Night Out and the 3rd Tuesday of every month is Bunko. So, that's a good break!!! But something is still missing. I NEED A HOBBY! Anything! But what???? I don't have the time (or patience) to scrapbook, I'm not athletic, and I'm so busy being a wife and I really have TIME for a hobby??? Maybe being a wife and mommy IS my hobby? Who knows....let me know if you have any simple hobby ideas :)

*I'm an idiot
Today I had to workout alone, because my workout partner had to run some errands. So, I'm in the fitness center by myself and I decide to try to tumble!!! hahaha!!! I'm pretty sure I haven't tumbled since high school....or junior high even! Well, it was very obvious when I landed on my head, broke my back, and pulled every muscle in my body. I laid on the floor and thought I was dying. My back will never be the same.

*Master's Degree
So, I'm wanting to go back to school. Is that the stupidest thing ever??!?! Well, ever since I've worked at Co-Lin, I've wanted to teach! Maybe not full time, but I want to be able to teach a class or two at a college level. The only way to make that a possibility is to go back to school to get my masters!!!! It'll have to be an online program, and I'm really scared about being disciplined enough to keep up with school work, work full time, and take care of mommy/wifey duties??? I was wanting to start in August, but I haven't done ANY it may be next year?!

*Bonita Springs, FL
The whole fam is going to the beach in July with Farm Bureau!!! Michael won another trip, but this time the whole family gets to go!!!!!!!! I'm SOOO excited, because this resort is supposed to be super nice! I've been doing alot of online shopping.....trying to find the kiddos some cute matching outfits to wear while we're there! Michael doesn't want me to match them EVERY day we're there, so I decided to compromise.....they'll match every OTHER day :) (I also got them matching swimsuits from Kelly's Kids!)

*Spray Tan update
A few people have asked me about my spray tan I got a couple weeks ago. I LOVED IT! It wasn't orange at all, it lasted a week, and it didn't sploch when it faded. If we had an extra $120 in our budget for tanning, I'd do it every week!

*Birthday Bash!!
Michael and I have birthdays in June that are 4 days apart. In the past, we have combined our birthdays and had 1 big party. I'm trying to think of something fun we could do this year?? I want to rent a limo and get it to bring us and all our friends to Jackson. But omg, that would cost a fortune....since it would be 2 hours of travel! So....who knows? We may just have another big cookout, because our last one was SO much fun!!

*A sick hubby=a sad wifey
I hate when Michael is sick! He is my rock, and when he's sick I feel like the whole house falls to pieces! It makes me sad to see Michael moping around. But he has been a great sick husband. All he could do for a couple days was just lay around....but when he saw that I needed help, he would force himself off the couch and help me tend to the kids. I really appreciate this, because truth be told.....when I'm sick-I just want to mope....not help!

I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow! I'm so excited it's finally Friday.....and I'm even more excited that I get off at 12:30!! yayayayayyayayayayayay :)

TGIAF (Thank God It's Almost Friday),

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MY 100TH POST!!!!!!!!

So....I've been thinking long and hard about how to "celebrate" my 100th post. I've come up with nothing! haha! So, I guess I'll just share 100 things about ME!....the good, the bad, and the ugly! I'm not sure if I can come up with 100, so I'm gonna get Michael and Abby to help.....

100-i love to be comfy

99-i love a clean baby

98-i bathe my kids every other night.....because i once heard that if you bathe too much, it washes off "essential oils" that your body needs? haha....i dont know?

97-i watch cartoons more than my shows.

96-i'm ok with that

95-i carry a big purse, because i like to cram random crap in there! (ex: a full can of hairspray, a miniature makeup bag, two wallets, a water bottle, a video camera, every kind of medicine i ever might need, snacks, LOTS of receipts, etcccc)

94-i laugh real hard (Abby came up with that one)....but I do LOVE to laugh!!!

93-i am OCD about a clean house.

92-if i'm ever in a bad mood, it's probably because my house is a mess

91-my definition of a messy house is:a few dishes in the sink, a couple toys on the floor, and beds unmade

90-i have blue eyes (Michael came up with that one. He's so creative!)

89-i loveeeeeeeeee the beach

88-i love to shop. but i am a penny pincher!! i will talk myself out of 99% of the things i put in my basket

87-my favorite flower is a SUNflower

86-i don't like to plant flowers. i just want someone to do it for me.

85-i unconsciously suck in my stomach/tighten my abs at all times

84-i love to be super cold and then crawl underneath a warm blanket.

83-i don't like to be hot

82-i am TERRIFIED of bees, wasps, horseflies, etc.

81-one of my biggest fears is that i'll be trapped in my car with any of the above and it would cause me to wreck

80-i'm a scaredy cat (Abby came up with that)

79-i love how Michael's arm pits smell. i guess i should say i love the way his deodorant smells!

78-i have no musical talent

77-i love to write

76-i had a poem published once

75-i'm starting to get baby fever already! YIKES!

74-i take lots of pics

73-i don't ever print them out

72-i have a nervous habit of pulling my eyelashes out

71-i'm incredibly beautiful (Michael came up with that one)

70-i am VERY insecure!!!!

69-i don't mind washing or folding clothes....but i hate putting them up!

68-i hate for people to be mad at me

67-i have no athletic ability

66-the only sport i like to watch is football

65-i am very tender hearted.

64-i WILL own a Corvette before I die. Either a brand new one, or a black Stingray convertible.

63-i love to watch people and try to figure out their "story"

62-i hate science and history.

61-i really don't remember anything i learned in school. i memorize, test, and forget.

60-i used to pick up my steak and eat it....until my first prom. my parents made me learn how to use a fork and a knife.

59-i love to organize.

58-i love lists.

57-i used to be in charge of our bills and budget....until this past March, Michael took over. it has been so nice!

56-i love to shop online because i love getting packages

55-the greatest joy in my life is being a mom and a wife

54-i try to fix people's problems because i want everyone to be happy

53-i can be envious at times. it's a constant struggle.

52-i like to decorate.

51-i have the MESSIEST car!!!

50-i have a chicken pox scar on my nose

49-i love spending time with my family.

48-i hateeeeeeeeeee bugs!!!!! if i see a bug in my house, i immediately call the exterminator!

47-i have made abby terrified of bugs. she will cry until i call the exterminator.

46-i love sweet tea, but i can't drink it because of my kidney stones

45-i have passed 6 kidney stones, gotten 5 blasted, and still have about 7

44-i hate when my husband is sick. he is my rock.

43-i assume.....alot!

42-i've only been in the ocean like 5 times in my entire life. i hate sharks and jellyfish.

41-my favorite color is light blue

40-i like to go go go!!!

39-i want long hair. but i have no patience to grow it out.

38-i love to dye my hair brown in the fall/winter.

37-michael likes it blonde.

36-i haven't always had bad time management, but 2 kids and a full time job will do that to ya!

35-i am VERY easily entertained

34-i can't stand for my hands to be sticky

33-i hate every picture of myself (see #70)

32-by the time i'm 30 i want to be: debt free, through having kids, and a stay-at-home mom

31-i love party food.

30-i'm silly (Abby came up with that one)

29-i miss my grandmother.

28-my dream job is to be a marketing rep/event planner at Disney World

27-i'm outgoing and love people (Michael came up with those)

26-I turn 26 on June 24th!!

25-my favorite shows: anything on TLC and HGTV, 24, The Bachelor/ette, American Idol, The Office

24-i love to make new friends

23-i freakin LOVE to the car, at work, at home, at a club, anywhere!!

22-i love me time. because it's very rare.

21-i have daddy issues.

20-i'm not where i want to be spiritually

19-i love to play games.

18-i like to plan and host parties!

17-i like attention

16-i like to read. i just don't ever have time.

15-i love a molten chocolate cake from Chili's

14-i like to travel

13-i have wrinkles under my eyes.

12-i want botox.

11-when i have an idea, i want it done right away!

10-i loveeeeeeeeeee Christmas. i love decorating, i love buying presents, i love being "Santa Claus," i love hosting parties, i love going to parties, i love celebrating the birth of Christ

9-i love to exercise. i just don't do it enough

8-i don't like to eat healthy stuff

7-i want to own a boat

6-i love to blog. Michael said it's like my BFF! ha!!!

5-i used to have my nose pierced.

4-i have crazy random dreams! i used to keep a dream journal.

3-i love chocolate chip pizza from Mazzios.

2-i clean out my fridge like once a month.

1-i love a good bubble bath!!

i'm just a girl,