Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Girl's Just Wanna Have FUN!!!!

Ok, so I have decided to write about the fun times I have with my girls every month...thanks Crittle, for the idea :)

On the 1st Tuesday of every month, some girls from my Sunday School class get together for "Girl's Night." Someone different hosts it at their house each month, so it's a good time to meet new people and see everyone's home! It's up to the "host" as to what we do each month. Usually we just eat, talk, and LAUGH...ALOT! Everyone brings a yummy dish, so that way no one person is responsible for all the food. And get to try new things and get new recipes :) This month was my turn to host! We've been living in a pool house, so it was hard to have more than 4 people in our house at one time. I tried to have a pool party one month for girl's night, but it ended up that on that particular night, we were moving into our NEW HOUSE! :) So, back to hosting the mom came over Monday while I was at work to clean my house. Yes. I. am. spoiled. So, yesterday I knew I had to get my hair done at 3:30 and probably wouldn't get done until 5:30...which would give me only an hour to get home and get ready for the party. Well, that is where my wonderful husband comes in. He picked up the kids from school, went by and picked up my chicken salad that I ordered (because I wouldn't have time to make anything), picked up a game that I needed, fed Parker, forgot to take Abby to gymnastics (haha, yes he did, but we won't dwell on that lol), made sure the house was spik-n-span, and got himself and the kids out of the house before the girls arrived. SIDE NOTE: I am totally blessed with the greatest husband in the world. I don't say that enough..but I'm thinking that I'll have a blog post dedicated to him soon! I got home in enough time to change clothes, put some fun music on, and breathe for a minute. Once the girls got there, we put out all the food and started munching! After we ate and talked for a while, I pulled out the arts and crafts! hahahaha :) I am a nerd when it comes to hosting parties...I love games, crafts, and acting crazy! I thought it would be a neat idea to make Valentine's cards to send to a local nursing home. So, that's what we did...we spent the next hour and a half making cards, talking, and laughing! It was a blast. It's alwayssssssss a blast with these girls! If you don't have a group of girls that you hang out with at least once a month...find one! It's such a good thing to have some girls that you can be real with, honest with, and accountable to. here is a picture of our group back in October (I think?) at the Art Barn in Wesson. It's kinda like Easely Amused.

*I look terrible in this pic. It was my first outing after Parker was born, so excuse the pale, flabby, black roots of a mess! LOL!

Ok, now let's talk about our Bunko group! On the 3rd Tuesday of every month, we have a DIFFERENT group of girls that get together for Bunko! My girl's night group is girls from my church. My Bunko group is more of the girls that we hang out with/talk to on a daily basis. SIDE NOTE: It's such a blessing because this group of girls are all really close and our husbands are all really close too...and...our kids are all the same ages and loving hanging out together! God is so good. Anyways...Sandy Cunningham and I came up with this group back in November. Several of us had been talking about starting a Bunko group for a while, so Sandy and I sat down one day and just did it! Our Bunko "kickoff" was in December at my house. Everyone brought their favorite breakfast dish and an ornament to swap. It was a blast! January was our first month to actually play the game. Whitney Holmes hosted it at her new gorgeous house, and the way we play is...when it's your month to host, you buy the 3 prizes and provide all the food. We don't pay to play each month. So, all you have to worry about is when it's your month to host, and then you don't have to worry about it for another year. Last month was hilarious, because I had spent all day refreshing myself on how to play (used instructions that I got off the internet), and when I started explaining it to everyone, I realized that the way the internet told me to play was totally retarded! So, it took us a couple rounds to all get on the same page, but it ended up being a great time! We've also talked about making each month a new theme. So, when it's your turn to host, you come up with a fun theme! (ex: Luau, Halloween costume contest, formal night, etc.) We didn't have a theme in January since it was our trial month, but I look forward to seeing what the girl's come up with in the future. Here is a pic of our group at our Tacky Christmas party:

*This isn't the whole group...some of the girl's weren't able to be there.

I hope yall have a group of girls that you can get together with on a regular basis. Michael and I have been very blessed with the greatest couple friends throughout our marriage. And I do want to add that some of our very best friends are not in either of these groups mentioned above, because we had to leave them in Hattiesburg. :( We make a point to make weekend trips to Hattiesburg at least once a month to see these friends that have proven to be some of the best friends we have ever had! And I definitley don't want to leave out any of the girls that have been by my side throughout college. It's sad to say that I'm not really close friends with anyone from high school (even though I love keeping up with them through facebook & blogspot). But my Holmes friends, college roomies, and Southern Miss classmates are still very dear to my heart.

Crittle, I hope this is what you were expecting from this post. Thanks for the idea. It's always neat for me to write these things out, because it reminds me of just how blessed I really am in the area of friends.

a true friend,

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