Thursday, February 11, 2010

"This much I know is true..."

Ok, so we talked yesterday about how my husband was a **rockstar** haha! Let's move on to 2006.

From January 2006-May 2006, nothing really special happened. Just continued my education at Southern and followed the band around when I could. However in May, something SO unexpected happened.

On Mother's Day, I remember laying in bed with my mom and just feeling really sick. I wasn't throwing up, but I felt real nausiated. I laid around all that day, and when I got back to Hattiesburg on Monday I felt even worse!!! I was pretty convinced that it was just sinus drainage, because I had felt like that in the past. So...on Tuesday May 16th 2006, I went to the doctor. I told the doctor that I had sinus drainage that was making me sick and that I just needed some medicine. End of story. Write me a prescription and let me leave. So...the doctor took a urine sample and told me to wait in the room. Well, I waited for what seemed like 3849083493 hours!!!!!!! She finally came back in the room, and with the biggest smile on her face, she said..."You're pregnant!!!" O-M-G...I almost threw up!!!!!!!! I started balling crying, hysterically! She told me to calm down and that everything would be okay! WHAT??? NO...everything will NOT be ok. I'm 21 years old. I'm not married. I'm still in school. I'm not married. I'm not married. My parents are going to kill me. I'm not married. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I call Michael and tell him to meet me at my apartment. When he got there, I was still crying hysterically and when I told him the news, he broke down and started crying hysterically. (one of the three times I've ever seen him cry!) Michael leaves my apartment to go meet his dad to tell him the news and get some support. Me, on the other hand, decided not to tell my parents until the baby is 25 years old, because I knew support is not what they would offer. My parents were in Disney World at the time, so Michael and I decided to wait til they got home to tell them. After Michael told his dad, his whole family decided to come to Hattiesburg to be with us. We sat down and talked, they loved on us, took us out to eat, and assured us that everything would be okay. Soooooo....a week later, we made the trip to Clinton to break the news to my parents. Keep in mind that I've had to talk to them for an entire week without them knowing this big secret! After we eat dinner with my parents, we sit on the couch and Michael mutes the T.V. All the while, I just feel like I'd rather die than tell them. Well, Michael breaks the news to them and, just as we expected, they go CRAZY! They start yelling, and saying mean things. We finally left and I cried the whole way back to Hatti. My step dad called me the next day to apologize for how he reacted, and my mom didn't talk to me for 3 weeks. (side note: she is the best MiMi and support system for me now) :(

Well, on June 20 (Michael's birthday), Michael proposed. I wasn't expecting it to be so soon, but we decided that we would get married before I started showing. So, we got married on August 26th, 2006 and it was definitley the wedding of my dreams. It was small and simple, but it was still the wedding of my dreams. We went to the Bahamas for our honeymoon and everything about it was wonderful.

When we got home from our honeymoon, I moved into Michael's trailer. During the fall semester of 2006, I continued to go to school. I finished up my semester in December, and I was 9 months pregnant!!!

On January 7, 2007, I had Abigail Roselynn Bishop. It was the greatest day of my entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of OUR entire life! We lived in Hattiesburg, in the trailer, until August 2007. At that point, we felt God calling us to Brookhaven (which is where Michael was from). I knew that God was calling us there, but I didn't go without a fight! We were leaving a wonderful church, our best friends, a mall, Target, Chick Fil A, go to a town with a Wal-Mart! And I was NOT happy about it!

I finished up my college career at USM the fall semester of 2007. I had to communte from Brookhaven 3 days a week, study every night with a 6 month old, and had a husband that took a job that required him to be gone every week-home on the weekends!! So, needless to say, it was T-O-U-G-H!!!

This post has turned into more of my personal testimony than my love story with Michael. But...through that year and a half of hard times, Michael NEVER, NEVER, NEVER left my side...and I promise you, I made it difficult for him at times!!! Things did not work out like we had planned, but we look back now and we wouldn't change it for the world! He is my prince charming, and he is the best daddy in the world.

Tomorrow I'll wrap up our love story...
Stay tuned :)

God's timing is perfect,


  1. You are such a good writer and I love reading your story!! Also, I think that it is so cool that Firehouse Subs PR wrote on your blog. How funny is that? You're famous!

  2. yeah, I thought that was pretty neat too! :)
    Thanks for following me...I love reading your blog too!!!

  3. Tonya, I am catching up on some blogs I read and just now read this post. I loved this honest post; I really admire it when people are real on their blogs and show the struggles that they've been through and how God worked through those challenges. It's something I try to do on my blog because those struggles are such a big part of my testimony.

    I saw a lot of similarities to my own life in this post. Although Peyton and I were married when I found out I was pregnant (we had been married for literally like 6 weeks) I was so scared and definitely did not want a baby right then. We were just learning what it meant to be married and that wasn't easy! But, of course, I am so glad and we would NEVER want it any other way! Anyway, all that to say I loved reading your love story.

    I liked reading the parts about Tahoe, too, even though I knew most of it from Mal. Seriously, THAT trip was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life.

    Sorry I wrote a novel in your comments!