Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday's Thoughts & Challenge~

**This has been a week from "EARTH"!!!!!!!!!!!!
I say "earth" because it's not fair to see it's been a week from HELL! That just gives Satan way too much credit. Also, when you say you've had a day/week from hell, it's saying that in no way has God blessed you. Sooooo....even though this has been a rough week...God is still God, and He has still blessed me even when I'm not worthy of it! I'm just glad it's the weekend. I don't have any big plans...I just need some R&R!!!

**In a Spiritual RUT!
While we're talking about God...I just have to admit....I am in a R-U-T!! I have been for quite a while now. I haven't really admitted it to anyone, because I like to show that I have it all together. But I just have to be real and tell yall that I feel like there are 170,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles between me and God right now. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? It's like there's a wall up when I try to pray, I can't seem to make time to spend with the Lord each day, and honestly-I'm struggling with the desire for those things! I feel empty, and I know exactly why that why is it so hard to do something about it?!!? I guess some of me feels like I just keep digging myself deeper into this rut, and I can't even see how it's possible to get out??? If anyone has any advice or personal testimonies, please do share!...and pray for me too!

**My Co-Lin "wolf pups"
On a lighter note...I just have to show off my Co-Lin spirit with my babies dressed in their Co-Lin attire!!! Abby's picture is from 2008, and Parker's is from this morning. I really do love my job and this college, and what better way to represent than with my little wolf pups!

**Pale, Pale, Pale
Ughhhhhhh....I'm so sick of being pale. But I'm just not into the tanning bed like I used to be. And I'm not really to the point where I want to spend $50 for a spray tan for it to only last a week!!! Soo...I guess I'll just keep waiting around for spring and warm weather. But I just hope it gets here soon, because pale is NOT the new tan!

**Sinus crud
Is it just me, or is everyone dealing with the sinus crud right now?!?! I've been very fortunate to have only had a scratchy throat here and there, but this morning I woke up and seriously wondered at what time in the middle of the night did a Mack truck run over me???????? I can't breathe, my head feels like it could burst at any minute, I'm sick to my stomach because all this snot is draining....BLAH!!!!!! Plus...I didn't get any sleep (because I could not breathe) and so not only do I feel like crap...the lack of sleep didn't do much for my looks today :(

Ok, I'm trying to be more positive so let's talk about the fact that we just paid off a couple "pieces" of debt!! WOO HOO!!! When I say "debt", I'm talking about: a couple hundred dollars on the Belk card, a couple hundred on the gas card, some furniture, etc. However, we do still have a couple other things we working on paying off (house, car, etc), but we just gotta take it one at a time. Thanks, Dave Ramsey!! :)

**My preggie friends
Jennifer Esser- due the middle of March. She's one of my friends that has babies the "natural way" hehe! So...we won't really know exactly when baby Caleb will be here...but it won't be much longer! Can't wait for Parker and Caleb to be best friends like Abby and Austin! Love you, Jenn!
Brandi Barrett- scheduled section on March 12. WOO HOO!! John Henry will be here in 21 days!!!!!!!! Brandi's on bedrest until he's born, so keep her in your prayers. But not even bedrest can keep that girl's spirits down. Love you, Brandi!
Whitney Holmes- just found out she's having a BOY!!!!!!!!! Parker, John Henry, and Baby Boy Holmes will all be so close in age! It'll be so fun to have some little playmates right here in Brookhaven/Monticello :) Whitney's had a great pregnancy so far...and I'm praying it contines that way! Love you, Whit!
Some other friends that are expecting: Karen Webb, Erin Smith, and Jennifer Cochran. Praying for you girls!! Love yall :)

hoping for some R&R,

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