Friday, February 12, 2010

"God blessed the broken road, that led me straight to you"

Ok, first of all let me apologize for yesterday's post that turned into a book. It was the first time I've ever shared our story publicly, so I just couldn't stop! I want to be open about everything, because I want to be real with everyone and I want my testimony to touch other people in the same situation.

Anyway...let's pick up with 2008. So, I told yall that we moved to Brookhaven, but I didn't really give details. Well, we moved into the Bishop's pool house. We were excited because it was going to be a great time for us to save lots of money!!! We also thought we'd just be there for about 6 months....haha....we ended up staying there for 2 years!!!!!!!!!!! Even though it was a little cramped in a 800 sq ft house, it was definitley God's plan for us. I have the absolute besttttttt in-laws in the world! So, great inlaws+ a pool right out your front door+ living for free+ saving money= fabulous 2 years! We were able to pay off some debt and save a TON! So...we started looking at houses in January 2009, and we found one in June 2009. We made a bid, they accepted the bid, and we moved in August 2009! A few other details that I have left out are: Michael went from job to job for 2 years and God finally opened a door for him at Farm Bureau in September 2008. As for me, I was a teller at a local bank for about 9 months, and then got an offer at Copiah-Lincoln Community College in October 2008! Also, I miscarried in August 2008, and then got pregnant again in December 2008. That was such a hard time for Michael and I. There are just no words to describe the pain of losing a baby. But we made it through, and we were so excited when God blessed us with another baby in December! Soooo....we moved into our new house in August 09, Michael and I celebrated 3 years of marriage, and then we had Brandon "Parker" Bishop in September 09. I took off for 2 months and went back to work in November. I worked my butt off in November and December, trying to make up 2 months of recruitment. But I loved every second of it...I absolutely love my job as the student recruiter for Co-Lin!

Well, that brings me to 2010. We celebrated Abby's 3rd birthday in January and we just enjoyed a SNOW DAY today! (pics will be posted soon!) And as a new year has started, we are so excited about what God has in store for our family in 2010. A few things that will be happening this year: Michael and I are going to Austria in April, Family trip to Destin in July, and hopefully Christmas in Disney World!

So...that is our love story-in a nutshell! There have been hard times, good times, sad times, and impatient times...but our love for eachother, for our kids, and for our God has never waivered. I am SOOO blessed to have Michael Brandon Bishop as my husband. We do not have a perfect marriage, and we never will....but one thing is certain---we will make it through whatever comes our way...and we will make it through together! I'm so glad I decided to devote this week to my "Valentine" because with 2 kids running around, he gets put on the back burner sometimes. So Michael, I just want you to know that I love you with all my heart. God truly blessed my broken road...that led me straight to YOU!

Since there won't be a post with Friday's thoughts and challenge, I want to challenge you through this post. At some point this weekend, sit down with your "Valentine" and talk about your love story. From Day 1 until now. It'll be a fun time to talk, laugh, and re-live the memories of when you first fell in love. I hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day.
To Sarah: I hope you start feeling better, and I'm praying Todd stays healthy.
To Brittany: I'll be praying for Ryder's derm appointment next week and that he'll start feeling better soon. Both my babies have had the crud for several weeks! :(
And to everyone else: Thanks for following my blog, and have a great weekend!

so in love,

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  1. Tonya, thanks for keeping Ryder in your prayers! I've been praying for you babies too. And I love your love story =)