Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday's Thoughts & Challenge~

**Superbowl food for lunch!!
Today the cafeteria here at Co-Lin had superbowl food for lunch. You don't have to tell me twice. I was down there as soon as my lunch break started! I just wanted it all...but settled for a chili dog, nachos and cheese, and tater tots! Mmmmmm....:) And a sprite...all for $4! Can't beat that with a stick!!!!!!!! It was very yummy, but now I'm stuffed! (and kinda wish I would've used my lunch break to workout instead! haha)

**Pink, Fuzzy Northface jacket
So, I got this Northface jacket last year (08) for Christmas, but I've only worn it a couple times because I'm a weird-o about things matching. And since I don't have a million things with pink in them, I've just pushed the jacket to the back of the closet. Until today. Mainly because today is dress down day and so my nice coats wouldn't look right with my jeans and plain jane top.'s been fabulous. It's one of those real soft ones (don't know the name), so I could actually just zip myself up in it and fall fast asleep. Ahhh.....

**When will my babies ever get better??????
Abby and Parker have had the crud for about a month now! It's driving me crazy!! Abby is actually getting better, but I think Parker is getting worse. I took him to the doctor yesterday, because he started coughing so hard that he's making himself throw up! But of course the doctor found nothing wrong. Which I guess is a good thing that nothing major is wrong, but I just want him to feel better! And. stop. coughing. Besides for the coughing (and occasional projectile vomit), the kiddos are in good spirits. Abby is still as non-stop as ever. And Parker man is still trying to tell us everything about everything...he's a non-stop chatter box!

**A weekend in Hatti
So, the kids are staying with my parents tonight, and then we're getting them back tomorrow on our way to HATTIESBURG! We're going to stay with our Hatti Besties, The Essers! We try to get together with them at least once a month. We just take turns driving to eachother. It's always a fun relaxing time of catching up, letting our kids play, eating good food, and slumber parties!!!!! Oh, and of course a little Hobby Lobby and Target are thrown in there too :) But this trip is especially special (haha), because we're going to visit our old church while we're there!! So, we'll actually get to catch up with lots of friends. Can't wait!

**A new hairstyle!
This past Tuesday I went to get my hair done! I get sooooooo bored with my hair, so every 6-8 weeks I have to do something different. I'm either changing colors, adding colors, changing styles, or whatever. So, I found a pic (of Victoria Beckham of course...she's my hairstyle role model!) and I brought it with me on Tuesday. Debbie (my stylist) and I decided that I WILL rock this hairstyle...but I'm going to let it be my Spring/Summer I'll get it cut like the pic above in 8 weeks! YAY! :) So, all I did on Tuesday was got the 4 colors touched up (2 blondes and 2 browns), and cut a few bangs (so I can get used to it before I go all the bang-way), and she cut more choppy layers! loveeeeee it....loveeeeee Debbie! (Debbie Brown, in her...she's great!)

**Swimsuit body
I made a decision in January that I was going to start using my lunch break to workout. Now, how much easier could it be? We have a workout facility on campus and it's RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from my office. But for some reason, I talk myself out of it everyday. I'd probably still talk myself out of it even if I had someone bring all the equipment to my office. Ughhhh!!!!! I'm very fortunate to be back at the weight I was before I got pregnant. But it's not my weight I'm trying to's the out of control untoned muscles and flab! I just want to look good in a swimsuit again. Is that so much to ask?!??!?! So......maybe Monday? Monday is always a good day to start anything new! ha!! I'll let yall know how that goes next week in Friday's Thoughts.

**Girl's Trip!!
In my last post, I talked alot about the fabulous girlfriends that I have in my life! Well...several of us have decided that it's time for a girl's trip! So, March 18-20, we're gonna go to The Beau Rivage! The musical "Hairspray" will be there, so we will go to that on Saturday...and the rest of the time, we will do whatever we want! Cannot wait!!!!! Good food, good friends, lots of dancing, of course some shopping, some spa treatments, and sleeeep! :)

Ok...well, that's all I have for today. I hope yall have enjoyed my randomness :) My challenge for you is: have some girl time this weekend! Find some girlfriends to go shopping with, eat with, and talk girl stuff with. Give yourself some time to just be a GIRL...not a mommy or a wife...just for a couple hours. You will be amazed at how refreshed you will feel afterwards. A little time away from your husband and kids will make you a better wife and mommy!

a refreshed wifey & mommy,

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