Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday's Thoughts & Challenge~

I just have to admit that I LOVE following Sarah Scott Broadus's blog when she has "Wednesday Words." I've been thinking....I wanna do something like that!!! hehe :) So, I have come up with "Friday's thoughts." This will just be a fun time for me to be completely random (which I love), and share whatever is on my mind :)'s thoughts:

~I love drink mixes that you add to bottled water! Since I am prone to getting 20 kidney stones a year, I have to drink LOTS of water. BARF! I hate water!! So, thank God for these little packets that turn boring water into a tolerable way to fight off kidney stones!

~Pizza Hut in McComb has TERRIBLE service!!!!!!! We went there last night and waited, NO LIE, 30 minutes for someone to just come get our drink orders! And when you have a very thirsty 3 year old...that is no fun! Not to mention: the phone was constantly ringing off the hook, our waiter was 10 years old, he was also waiting on his family (which got VIP service), the delivery guy looked like he was high on something (not good to drive while high), and it took about 2 hours to get our 2 pizzas! However...Abby did meet a friend (in the bathroom haha) and they played together the entire time we were there (not in the bathroom the whole time). And we were there with some friends, so at least it was a good time to visit...just not a good time to be hungry.

~I cannot, not, not stay on top of household chores! My goal has gone from: having a clean house, to having a clean living room and kitchen! haha!! I just give up on Abby's room, because as soon as I clean it, she comes in and destroys it! And our room is the gathering place every morning for breakfast, cartoons, dressing room, etc. So, it's pointless to clean our room because every morning it's back to mass chaos!!! Oh well....such is life!

~My husband just called and asked me on a date! WOOHOOO!!! The in-laws will keep the kids, we're going to eat at Biaggi's, and going to see a movie! LOVE DATE NIGHTS!

~I am incredibly excited about starting our new "Dave Ramsey Budget" this month!I am a "nerd" when it comes to making a budget and living by it. I love checking our account everyday to see what bill has been paid so that I can put a check by it on our budget excel! hahaha :)

~I get off at 12:00 today! I was going to take the kids to Jackson to see my dad, but the weather is just too blah :( So, instead...I'm going to leave the kids at daycare until 4:00, and enjoy 4 hours to myself. WHAT!?!?!?!? What will I do? I dont know...but I've already promised myself not to clean or be productive. I think I'll go pick up some fast food and a chick flick, get in my pjs, and lay around until the kids get home. Ahhhhhhhhh......

~My hair is out of control! My roots are starting to show, the length is bothersome, and it has NO body! But.....I go Tuesday to get it done. I don't think a $100 hairstyle is on the Dave Ramsey budget...but...I. don't. care. That will be my splurge for the month :)

~I counted weight watcher points this week just for the fun of it. HAHAHAHA!!! There is NO way I could ever do weight watchers! I am allowed 20 points a day...and apparently, I eat that many points in ONE MEAL! I really admire those that do weight watchers, because that takes a lot of self discipline. YOU GO GIRLS!

~The calendar on my desk is still sitting on January 13th, and that's only because a student changed it from September to January. And while we're on that subject, this is what January 13th says..."Blessed are they who have the gift of making friends, for it is one of God's best gifts."

~Why is it that I have 1,000's of pictures on my camera or saved to my computer, but all my frames have way outdated pics in them???

~I need advice/tips/encouragement. Michael won a trip to Austria through Farm Bureau. We leave April 25 and come back May 3!!!!!!!!!!! The kids are not allowed to go, so I am stressing about leaving them for so long. Can anyone give me any advice on this? I'm having a real hard time with it :(

Thanks for wasting 5 minutes of your day reading my thoughts for today. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. And I challenge you to--date your spouse at some point this weekend. It doesn't have to be a dinner/movie date. It could just be a TV date after the kids have gone to bed. But make a point to set aside some time for just yall this weekend.

a random thinker,

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