Thursday, March 18, 2010

~My New Do~

Ok, so first of all....thanks for letting me vent yesterday. I'm feeling MUCH better!! Even though it was 55 degrees today and I'm sooooooooooo ready for warm weather!!! But that's beside the point. So...I took a few pics of my hair today (on self timer, so they're not the best pics). I'm liking my hair alot better today...whew!!!

Front View:

Right Side:

Left Side:

The bangs (not as short V.B. had them):

Yes, I'm in 5th grade and still make kissie faces for the camera!! It's just how I roll....and plus kissie faces make any hairstyle look good! hahahaha :)

Ok, so there ya go. My new do!! And I'm a little irritated because I spent 30 minutes cropping each picture so that Parker's dresser and box of wipes weren't in the pictures, but....for some reason the edits didn't save?!?!?! OH WELL...I'm not about to do all that over again. So, just overlook the background....I was snapping some pics while my little man was rolling around on the floor.

Anyway.....I am about to hit the sack, because tomorrow I leave for our girl's trip to the coast!!! Never been so excited in my lifeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! Shopping, spa, food, dancing, Hairspray show, more shopping, defly more food...ahhhhhh....I need this!!

I'll have pics and play-by-play details of my Spring Break in a few days. Until then...yall enjoy your weekend.

ready to roll,

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  1. I am dying laughing out loud imagining you taking these pictures! LOVE the new haircut!