Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday's Thoughts & Challenge....on Saturday!

Ok, so I wasn't able to post my thoughts and challenge yesterday, and here's why....

Yes, that's my husband's car. Yes, he was in there. Yes, he is ok. Yes, the person in the other vehicle is ok. Yes, it's a miracle that nobody was seriously/fatally injured. Yes, our car is totalled. No, it wasn't his fault. No, nobody else was in the car (thank God).
So, here's what the order that I found out. I'm finishing a campus visit when my phone rings. Michael's picture pops up and I think he's just calling to say hey, like normal. He tells me that he's been in an accident. I don't really think anything about it, because I figure if he's calling me, then he must be ok. He tells me that the car is totalled and he's going to the ER. OK!!!!!! NOW HE HAS MY ATTENTION! "I am on my way," I tell him. I announced to my office, on my way out the door, that Michael's been in a wreck and that I'll keep them updated. So, I pull up to the scene of the accident and when I saw the car, my stomach dropped. From the looks of it, I'm expecting the worst! But then I see Michael, standing up, talking to the cop, with no blood, and I feel a little better. I ran to Michael and gave him a quick hug as he's explaining things to the cop. While he's talking to the cop, I start getting details from a friend that was talking to Michael on the phone when it happened!!! Ryan tells me that he was talking to Michael when all of the sudden Michael yells..."OH SHIT!!!!" (you'll have to excuse his language...but can you blame him??) Then Ryan hears screeching tires, followed by a loud crash! After the crash, Ryan just hears Michael groaning. He said his heart stopped and he was thinking the worst possible outcome. *Side Note: THANK YOU GOD FOR NOT ALLOWING ME TO BE ON THE OTHER END OF THAT PHONE LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ryan is screaming into the phone..."Michael, Michael, answer me...say something!!" He finally hangs up and got a phone call from Michael several minutes later. Come to find out, when the air bag deployed, it knocked the phone from Michael's hand and he wasn't able to find it until he got out of the car. So, after I talked to Ryan for a few minutes, I went back to Michael and he told me what happened. He was driving down Highway 51, heading to Co-Lin to play golf. A truck pulled out from a store and Michael slammed on the brakes to try to avoid hitting him. However, his brakes locked up and he skid for about 50 yards, only to hit the truck full force! Thankfully the man in the truck heard Michael lay on the horn and he stopped. If he would've gone a few feet further, Michael would've hit the driver's side door and possibly have killed the man. *Side Note: you cannot hear a story like this and not believe in God's divine intervention. So, after the car was towed, I took Michael to the ER to have his hand looked at. He didn't feel like it was broken, but it was severely burned from the air bag being deployed. The nurse confirmed the friction/chemical burn from the air bag and treated it as a 3rd degree burn. *Side Note: we can handle a 3rd degree burn! I'm just glad it wasn't any worse!!!! We went to clean out the Honda and say our goodbyes to our first purchase as a married couple. Michael is in a rental until we can get the money for our car and purchase another vehicle. *Side Note: we WILL be paying cash for another vehicle....because it's the "Dave Ramsey Way!" :) So, my thoughts for Friday consisted of being thankful God's protection over my husband and being reminded of just how quickly something like that can happen!

Other Thoughts:

*Online Shopping
Yes, this is a picture of a month's worth of online shopping. Thank you eBay & Old Navy. Parker is officially set for Spring/Summer thanks to eBay, Old Navy, Beyond the Rainbow, Target, and lots of great hand-me-downs! Abby's S/S wardrobe is not complete yet, but I've got a good start. I was also able to find some good deals for me and Michael too!!!

*Working Out Update
O-M-G...I did something this week that I have not done yet. I worked out through the pain! Usually when I start hurting, I'll stop. But this week I decided...NO PAIN, NO GAIN! Dumb, Dumb, Dumb! I literally have not been able to walk for 2 days!!!!!!!!! So, I'm going to take it easy this weekend and start back next week....but not so hardcore!

*Breakfast in Bed
No...not for me...for my hubby!!! I knew that he'd be super sore when he woke up this morning, so I got up and decided to spoil him for a change! I made him some blueberry muffins, a glass of apple juice, a cup of coffee, and a side of extra strength tylenol :) He is doing a lot better than expected today, so that's great news!!!

*Spring Break
One more work week until we leave for the beach!!! Just sayin...

*Locks of Love
We're growing Abby's hair out for locks of love. The poor child has my straight, fine, stringy hair!! So, needless to say, it's about to kill me to chop it off into a cute bob....same reason mine stays never looks "great" long!!!! But we're only lacking about 2 inches for locks of love, so we're going to tough it out until we reach that goal! Stay tuned for new hairstyles from me AND Abby!

*Parker is a BIG BOY!!!
Yes...Parker is finally sleeping in his crib from 9pm-7am!!!!! He could've been doing this alot sooner, but I just wasn't ready to give up my cuddle buddy! But Michael and I just tried it the other night, and this new sleeping arrangement is fantabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both kids are STARTING OFF in their beds, and Abby comes crawling in our bed around 5am. But that still gives me and Michael from 9pm-5am by ourselves!! For the first time in 2 years, we get our king size bed to ourselves!!! Enough said ;)

This weekend's challenge~
Be reminded that life is short and you never know when your last breath will be. Don't take anyone or anything for granted. Make it a point this weekend to tell your loved ones that you love them....just in case they're not there tomorrow!

full of love,

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  1. Tonya! You crack me up...i love your story-telling! So cool that you are doing locks of love for Abby. My hair is the same way, so I've never gotten up the courage to tough it out but my sis-in-law has done it several times. Also, so glad that Michael was ok!