Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The dreaded "Aunt"

Ughhhhhhhhh I HATE when Aunt Flo comes to visit!!!!!

First of all, she decides to come while we're at the beach...seriously? thanks alot!

Secondly, she puts me in the absolute worst mood of my life!!!! Like, really, don't talk to me today. Lots of people always comment on how positive and fun I am....not today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No sir'ee!!

Then...I went to get my hair done today (I'll talk about that in a minute) and my hairdresser tells me that color doesn't take real well when your hormones are out of whack! WOO HOO!! That's fabulous news!!!!!!!! I LOVE paying $100 for highlights that might not take!

And just FYI--don't do anything drastic to your hair while Aunt Flo is visiting, because no matter how cute your hair looks, your aunt will tell you otherwise! I will eventually post some pics, but I just can't bad attitude is showing in every pic that I take! *disclaimer: I loveeeee my hairdresser and I loveeeee my haircut....I just need a day or 2 to get used to it!

Everyone is on my nerves! And I know I'm on my husband's last nerve!

Does anyone else have an aunt that brings a sharp knife with her that she jabs into your stomach over and over????? Yes, that's my favorite!

And....forget the fact that I've been working out like a maniac, cause I seriously look and feel like a big fat cow!

Have I mentioned that my attitude sucks?? Do I even have to mention that? Hello, Captain Obvious!!!!

Oh, how I love being a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I do have ONE reason to be thankful for this dreaded means I'm not pregnant!!!! Yes, for a second, I thought I might possibly (against all odds) be pregnant again. OmG, it makes me nausiated just thinking about being pregnant with a 6 month old!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I love love love my kids and I love being a mommy, but I'm not real sure I'd want another one right now!

If you're a guy and you just tortured yourself by reading this sorry! But now you know that your wife, girlfriend, or "gal" friends are not the only ones!! And once again, I have proven not to be perfect! Whew...I feel much better!

bring on the chocolate & midol,

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