Thursday, March 25, 2010

Abby & Parker

I realized the other day that I don't do a good job of blogging about funny or "new" things my kids are doing. CRAP! I need to do that! I want to look back and remember these things. So, here it goes....


Just yesterday he started:

-drinking from a sippie cup! He is a PRO!! I gave him one with 2 handles and put a little bit of white grape juice in it. Oh, and some ice. He loved it!!! He was a little confused at first, but once he tasted that yummy stuff, he sucked it down.
-separation anxiety! Yes. We took him to church last night and brought him to his class just like normal, but this time he threw a fit!!!! As soon as I handed him over, he started screaming. Not crying. SCREAMING!! "Hmmmm..." I thought?!? "Well, let me see if this works." So, I took him and he immediately stopped crying. What in the world?? He has never done this before! But I have to admit that a part of me loved this. I love to feel needed. And it made me feel kinda good that all he wanted was his mommy. Can you imagine what he was thinking? "Um, hello mom, I've been at daycare from 8-4:30, you leave me in the car to nap while you and sissie get ready for church, you bring me to church and leave me in my carseat while yall eat, and now you're going to just hand me off to someone else?!?!??!!? No ma'am!" So, I did what any good mother would do. I skipped church service and rocked my baby.
-waving bye-bye. O-M-G!!!!!!!!! I've been showing him how to wave bye bye, and we've been practicing for a while. Well, last night he did it. On purpose. I looked at him, opened and closed my hand, and said "bye-bye." And he looked at me, smiled, put his arm in the air, and open and closed his hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I yelled for Michael to come look, and he did it again. And then of course Abby wants to see, and he did it to her too!!! I am so excited!! Now, if we can just get that boy crawling. Or just show an interest in crawling.
-he's rotten. He used to be so laid back, and he'd lay in his chair/swing for hours just content as can be. Nope. Not anymore. He wants someone to hold him at all times. Me. Michael. Mrs. Margaret. His grandparents. Anyone.


-this girl is asking so many questions about God & heaven. There is absolutely no greater feeling that your child asking you questions about the God that made her! Her questions/comments include:
Can we go see God?...How do we get to heaven? Do we float way up there?...How did God put me in your tummy? (I've tried to avoid that question lol)...When will I get to meet God?...I'm so glad God brought me to you...I'm glad God brought us brother.
Does this not melt your heart into a puddle!??!?! She is my little reminder that I've got a lot of work to do to have just an inkling of her faith. It's kinda neat for a mom to look at her child and think...I want what she's got!
-she is a little adult. After school, and before daddy gets home, me and Abby sit and talk about her day. And she just talks to me like my best friend would talk to me. Telling me what she did at school, who she played with, who made her mad, that her friend complimented her on her shoes, and all kinds of stuff. This is one of my favorite parts of the day. I love getting to sit down with her, eat a snack, and just talk. Nothing could ever take the place of those memories.
-we're setting up her first after school play-date next week! Now, Abby has a ton of friends (my friend's kids), and she's able to play with them alot. However, she's never had a school friend over before! Her best friend from school, Allison, is going to come over one day next week to play after school. I can't wait! I think I'm more excited than Abby is :)

So....that's really all I can come up with right now, but I'll try to do better about posting little "funnies" that happen each day. Because it's an every day thing. I think God's sense of humor is most evident when He gives you alot of different ways.

Stay tuned for Friday's thoughts & challenge tomorrow.

have a fabulous Thursday,

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