Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday's Thoughts & Challenge~

Ok, so this is a little early for Friday's thoughts, but I've got soooooo much to do today. Blogging is NOT on my to-do list, but I'm sure I can fit it in :)

*Packing for the Beach
Yes...I said "packing." As in, I am STILL packing for a trip that we leave in 8 hours for!!!!!!!!!! Why didn't I do a little each day? Heck if I know?! I have no excuse whatsoever...I just didn't want to! So, last night I'm running around the house like a crazy person (nobody needs to comment)....I'm rushing in and out of each room, packing clothes, trying to find suitcases, wondering why things I need are in the dirty clothes hamper, trying to keep Abby out of the suitcases, and of course barking out orders at my ~wonderful~ husband! (Love you, Michael!) Yes...he is a great husband. He's just running around behind me asking, "What should I do now?!" haha! We also had some friends stop by last surprise visit was to check on my hubby's burn on his hand (Shout out to Tim & Sandy)...and the other surprise visit was to use our bathroom, hahahaha! (Shout out to Trey & Ashley) So, by 9:00 I decided I had enough! I hopped in the tub and then got in the bed. Yes, I left LOTS of things undone...along with a long to-do list for today. Sigh....

So, both my kiddos participated in a Trike-A-Thon for St. Jude yesterday. Between the 2 of them, they raised $225! It was such a beautiful day for it!! All the mommys (and some daddys) got to go down to the track and watch! Here are a few pics from the event:

Most parents were putting helments on their kids. I was putting sunglasses on mine :) And plus...a helment wouldn't fit over her pig tails...DUH!

Parker was just chillin. He didn't care, just as long as he had his fist to chew on!

I think Daddy got more of a workout than Abby!

Parker was just taking it all in...and he lapped his sister about 3 times. But who's counting?! :)
We even got a famliy picture!!

*Tanning Bed
Oh, how I hate you! I really am not a big tanning bed supporter. However, I knew I needed a LITTLE color before we got to the beach. So, for the past 2 weeks, I've been going every other day and staying in the bed for like 8-10 minutes. Well.......I went one last time last night and fell asleep in the bed. O-M-G!! This body was just not ready for 20 minutes in the tanning bed. Needless to say, I am burnt to a crisp today. From neck (because I cover my face) to toes! The whole reason I was going to the tanning bed was to get ready for the beach, but now I'm afraid I won't even be able to go to the beach! lol!!!

*2 new babies!
Two of my very best friends had sweet babies this week!!!!!!!!!!! They were both boys~Caleb Andrew Esser and John Henry Barrett. I have not met either one, but you better believe that I will be getting some Aunt Tonya lovin over Spring Break! Here are my sweet babies:

~Caleb Andrew Esser~

~John Henry Barrett~

*Day trip to New Orleans
So, Michael and I STILL have not gotten our passports for Austria! I am alot of the reason why we have put it off for so long. I just didn't see any need to get a passport for a trip that I was not going on! haha! I have really struggled with being away from my babies for 8 days! E-I-G-H-T!!!!! But I'm doing a little better with it. I'm actually getting excited about spending 8 days with Michael, and no kids. Ever since Parker's been born, Michael and I have not gotten to spend alot of alone time together. Sure, we've had date nights here and there...but no "getaways." So, I'm getting pretty excited about this trip! Ok, so back to New Orleans. We've decided to just make a day trip to New Orleans one day next week to get our passports and take the kids to the zoo! Abby has only been to the Hattiesburg zoo, and for those of you who have never experienced the Hatti's TERRIBLE!!!!! So, I'm really excited about taking Abby to the zoo in NO. I'm also excited about NO food...yummy! And I guess I'm a LITTLE excited about getting our passports. :)

It's about that time of the month that I fall into this hair rut! It needs to be highlighted, the length is annoying, and it's super freakin flat! Thank goodness I go next Wednesday for a re-vamp! I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. Here's a reminder of what my hair will look like....except it will be blonde:

If anyone has any comments or advice, or can think of any reason I should NOT do this, please speak now...or forever hold your peace!

Ok, so my challenge to yall is this....
Be spontaneous this weekend! (or next week, if you have off for Spring Break) Break out of your shell a little and maybe do something you've never done before!! So, basically what I'm asking you to do is...challenge yourself!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and for those of you who will off next week for Spring Break....ENJOY!

so thankful for sunshine and spring,

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  1. ah! We are taking T to Audubon this Saturday...too bad we couldn't plan better and go together :) It is a great zoo and the park across the street is nice too just to play and blow off some steam. If you need some good places to eat just let me know...that is totally my stompin' grounds!!