Thursday, April 29, 2010

~Ton's Thoughts on Thursday~

*The Lord woke me up at 4:30 this morning and literally SHOUTED at me to get up. I said, "No thanks, I'm way too tired!" Then He proceeds to make the cat start meowing (behind closed doors), so I had no choice to get up. soon as I let the cat out, I went back to bed. So, what did the Lord have to tell me at 4:30 this morning? What have I done??!!? I've been begging God to rescue me from this freakin pit that I'm stuck in. And when He tries to call out to me, I say..."No thanks. Too tired. Goodnight." UGHHHH!!!!!!! Pray for me. This warfare is driving me NUTS!

*I've been assigned the new Trailblazer Advisor at Co-Lin. The Trailblazer group is our student recruitment team. They help with on campus and off campus recruitment. I was a co-advisor this year, and I LOVED it!! I love getting to work with Co-Lin students, because I don't really get to that much. I'm always out at the high schools working with their students. Which I also LOVE. Anyway, I called my first Trailblazer meeting today. It was so fun. I feel so powerful! BahahaHAhHAHAHhahaha!!!! Mainly we just had pizza, talked a little, voted on our new president, and signed up for a Braves game that I'm taking them to next weekend.

*Parker is PULLING UP! He was sitting on the floor last night and his "Bumbo" seat was sitting in front of him. He grabbed the back of it and pulled up until he was standing on his feet! I was so excited. This little man is growing up so fast!

*Abby woke up at 3:00 this morning, came and tapped me on the shoulder and said...."Mama, can I cuddle with you?" Melted my heart.

*Sophie Kinsella. If you are a reader, then she is the author you need to follow. She is the author of the "Shopaholic" series (which I have not read a single one of). However, I have read 5 of her other books, and they are freakin hilarious!! No, seriously. I laugh out loud the whole way through. Here are some titles to look for: "Remember Me?", "Can You Keep a Secret?", "Twenties Girl", "Cocktails for Three", and "Undomestic Goddess." I've never been a big reader, but I can't get enough of Sophie Kinsella's books. Try one. You'll be hooked!

*I'm so proud of my husband! He is such a hard worker and does such a good job of providing for our family! There are lots of things I like about his job. One is-his job is flexible. If he needs to take the morning off to run Parker to the doctor, done. If he needs to take an extended lunch to drive 20 minutes to bring me some food, done. Another thing is-when 5:00 rolls around, he's off. On occassion, he'll have an appointment at night...but it is VERY rare. So, he's able to hang out with us every night and every weekend. And the greatest thing about his job is-he wins trips. ALL the time! By the way, have I told yall the Austria trip was rescheduled? I can't remember. Anyway, it got rescheduled because of the volcanoes. It has now been moved to June. But Michael has just recently won another trip. It's the big family trip of the year. It's in Bonita Springs, Florida. We leave in July and stay for 4 days. The whole fam. Can't wait! Trips we won't mention are: the fishing trip this weekend (I wasn't invited), the trip to the Beau Rivage (once again, not invited), and some other trip this summer (not invited). But no need dwelling on the trips I don't get invited to go on. We'll look at the ones that I AM going on! :)

Ok, I gotta run. One more hour at work, and I still have a few more things to do.
Hope everyone has a TERRIFIC THURSDAY!

just me,

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