Thursday, April 15, 2010

~Ton's Thoughts on Thursday~

Hello, world!! Here are my thoughts today...

*Beth Moore

If you're not a follower of Beth Moore's blog, you need to be! Anyway, she had a post a few weeks entitled "10 Things You Might Not Know." She shared 10 random facts about her that fans probably didn't know. Check out #6.... "I love black music" O-M-G, I almost fell out of my chair!!!! A fellow Christian that shares my love for black/booty music!!!! I was SO excited. Beth Moore is kinda like modern day "WWJD?" ha!! WWBMD? So, it made me feel better to see that side of Beth Moore. She IS human. Who knew? :)

*Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa is NOT a pretty sight, but her songs crack me up! Such as, "Telephone." Really?? Who writes a song about their phone?

(this guy is an idiot!)


I am TERRIFIED of bees. No...terrified is an understatement!!!!!!!! Seriously, I'd rather go to the tanning bed because when you layout, you chance being stung by a bee, wasp, yellow jacket, etccccc. No. thank. you.

*Pigtails & Swimsuits

Nothing says "Welcome Spring" like pigtails and swimsuits! This was taken on Lu's birthday. We spent the afternoon eating, laying out, and watching golf (thanks to Michael and the Masters-boo!!) But it was a fun day. I love you, Lu!

*I love to drive...

On a pretty day!!! By myself especially. I had to recruit in Crystal Springs today, so I was on the road quite a bit. I switched back and forth between 20's on 20, Pop 2K, 90's on 9, and The Message. Just whatever was playing a good song at the time. As I've previously stated, I love booty music. Especially when I'm driving. I'm sure my fellow drivers get a good laugh!! hahaha :)

*I'm Awesome

Yes, I am, but I'm talking about the song!! Has anyone heard this song by Spose? It is TERRIBLE, but for some reason I'm obsessed. It just makes me laugh so hard when I hear it. And I love telling other people about it. Such as fellow co-workers and students...shout out to Coach OD, Bradley, and RayRay! Yall are awesome...but not as awesome as meeeee ;)


So, I guess today's thoughts have all been music based. Ha! But I love Reggae music. I have NO idea why, but it puts me in the best mood. I don't own a Reggae cd, but I'm thinking about purchasing my first!! Do people still buy cd's? HAHA! Maybe I'll just download it to my iPod. Nope, nevermind....I broke my iPod touch. That stinks. Ok, so a cd it is! I like talking to myself almost as much as I like Reggae! lol

*Today's challenge

Take time today, or this weekend to find a "fun song" on your iPod or on the radio and just make a fool of yourself. Have fun! Dance! Act crazy!! It's so much fun!!!

i'm awesome,

Tonya ;)

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