Friday, April 9, 2010

~Friday's Friend~


Sissie Lu

Today my post will be about my sister. She is my best friend. Even through the pull-your-hair-out fights, she has always been my best friend!!! Growing up, she was the sister that always wanted to be doing what me and my friends were doing, and 90% of the time, I didn't mind it at all!!! When I was at USM, she would bring a few of her friends and they would come stay with me about once a month. I loved having them come stay!! She's never been a big fan of any of the guys I dated, or the guy I married. I think this is because she hates sharing my attention. Secretly, her and Michael love eachother....they just like to act otherwise. I would do ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING, for my sister. And she knows that. She knows that she could call me at 2:00 am and ask me to come wherever she is, and I would jump in the car immediately!! I've made lots of mistakes as a "big sister role model," but it's good to know that she doesn't judge me. She's also made lots of mistakes, and as her big sister sometimes I just want to slap some sense into her, but I've never left her side. I just want the best for her, and it's hard for me to see her make mistakes and get hurt. However, she learns from her mistakes....even if it takes her 3 or 4 years to learn sometimes! haha!! So....Lauren is turning 21 on Sunday, April 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe she'll be 21. Sigh. So, while I'm dedicating this post to her, I decided to also list 21 fun facts/memories/funny stories in honor of her 21st birthday:

  1. Lauren hates how I say her name. I pronounce it "Loren"

  2. Lauren is short. Like real short. 4' 11 1/2" to be exact

  3. Lauren thinks she has love handles. She weighs 80 lbs.

  4. Lauren is in dental assistant school at Hinds.

  5. Lauren is single. But in the end, I will have to approve her boyfriend/husband.

  6. One time I kicked Lauren in the stomach while wearing my tap shoes. Mom wasn't home. It knocked the breath out of her. I was a little scared.

  7. Lauren has the prettiest curly hair. She straightens it every day.

  8. Lauren has a shirt that says "Can't poop without peeing." That is her personality.

  9. She was a cheerleader from 7th grade-10th grade. And now cheers at Hinds.

  10. She makes life long friendships with the people she babysits for.

  11. She used to be a live-in-nannny for a family in Madison. The same family I babysat for from 2002-2006.

  12. She gets pissed when things don't go her way.

  13. One time Lauren and I were driving from my parent's house to my grandparent's house (a 5 minute drive), and Lauren decides to show me a "short cut" I follow her directions and we end up in Richland (we started in Crystal Springs). No, it gets better. Once we figure out we're 30 minutes away from my grandparent's house, we turn around to backtrack, and we have a blowout. So....we're in the middle of nowhere, 30 minutes away from family, with a blowout, on a road that scary people were driving on, with my 2 year old in the backseat. I call my grandmother, aunt, uncle, step dad, and step brother, and tell them to come find us. Good luck with that, since we have no idea where we are? Sooo...about an hour later, everyone shows up to change my tire and we finally get to my grandmother's house. A 5 minute trip turned into a 2 hour trip. No more short cuts.

  14. I steal my sister's clothes. Sometimes I give them back.

  15. Lauren and I are so different in a lot of ways. Brown hair/Blonde hair. Curly hair/Straight hair. Dark skin/Fair skin. 80 lbs/NOT 80 lbs. High maintanence/Not quite as much.

  16. We're very alike in a lot of ways. Easily entertained. Laughs about everything. Blue eyes. Short. Spontaneous.

  17. We can't stay mad at eachother.

  18. Lauren loves her niece and nephew. And they adore her.

  19. Lauren's car always has a bunch of crap in it. She lives in her car.

  20. Lauren is allergic to kittens. Not cats.

  21. Lauren is gorgeous, and I secretly envy alot of things about her.

So, there ya go...that's my sister. And when I think about what I would do without her, it literally brings me to tears. I can't imagine my life without Lauren. I can't. And I won't.

I love you, Lauren. You are my heart.

one blessed sissie,


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