Friday, April 23, 2010

~Friday's Friend~

Ok, before I get to "Friday's Friend" let me tell you why "Ton's thoughts on Thursday" didn't exist for yesterday. Yeah, sure I had time to THINK yesterday...but I absolutely had no time to sit down and share my thoughts. I have been SO busy at work lately, that some days I really don't even sit down. Which isn't a bad thing. I LOVE being busy. I LOVEEEE my job. And I LLLOOOVVVVEEEE the students that I work with. However, I just haven't had the time to devote to my blog like I used to. Hopefully that will change once this school year has ended. So anyway, here are some of my thoughts from yesterday:

"Ok, I'm at work 30 minutes early so I can get ready for this campus visit. Where do I start? Oh yes, come up with a campus tour scavenger hunt....get everything ready for the "Do what you love" career game....message my Trailblazers....oh, gosh, where is my phone?!?....reply to emails that I've been putting off....check my voicemail....oh, crap, I was supposed to call that person back 3 days ago! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

"Whew, the campus visit is over and it was a total success. Ah...I love my job!"

"Oh lordy, why in the world did I volunteer to be in the dunking booth? OH GOSH NO! Don't throw the ball yet. I'm not ready!!....Ok, I'm ready....NO WAIT! Ok now....(DUNK) (water up the nose) (come out of the water gasping for air and choking) Oh, fabulous, I'm going to drown in a dunking booth. Get me out of here!!!"

" time to get my hair done. (yawn) This is the life. Oh gosh, did I really just fall asleep under the dryer?? Oh my, my hair is platinum! LOVE IT!!!"

"Daddy's got the kids, so I might as well just go tan while I'm out"

"Ok, finally home. Let me straighten up a little before we go eat with the in-laws. (yawn). Can't I just go to bed??"

"Dinner was fabulous. Kids are bathed. This bed is so comfy. Night Night!"

So, those were my thoughts yesterday. Now, it's time for "Friday's Friend"

It's really hard for me to decide which friend to dedicate this post to every Friday, but I look forward to doing it! I've decided to dedicate today's post to a friend that's had a very rough week. I hope this will bring a smile to your face after all you've been through this week.

Whitney Holmes

So, when we were moving from Hattiesburg, one of my Hatti besties told me that she knew a girl that lived in Brookhaven. She had gone to school with her, and she told me..."Tonya, you really need to meet her. You would love her!!" Well, I never really thought anymore about it, until....We started visiting First Baptist Church in Brookhaven. Our first Sunday there, we walked into the Sunday School class and sat down by this couple. I started small chit-chat with the girl sitting beside me, and it turned out to be "that friend" that my Hatti bestie wanted me to meet!!!! What in the world?!?! What are the chances? Well, nothing is by chance when God is at work. So, starting that Sunday morning, 2 years ago, we developed a fantastic friendship with Ryan and Whitney Holmes!

They have been such good friends. The type of friends that you call up at the last minute to cookout with. The type of friends that you wear your sweatpants and t-shirt with. The type of friends that can stop by unexpected and you really don't care that your house is a total wreck! The type of friends that you go to the beach with, plan a girls trip with, have a tacky Christmas party with....but most importantly....Whitney is the type of friend that I can share my kidney stone pain with!!!! I finally have someone that LITERALLY feels my pain. So, that brings me to her rough week.

I get a call from Whit on Monday, and she says..."What does it feel like when a kidney stone is stuck?!" Oh no, I thought!! I told her..."Total DEATH!!!" I usually am the encouraging friend, but I don't play when it comes to kidney stones. She was on her way to the hospital, because she was in terrible pain! And on top of that, she's 6 months pregnant!!!!!! I just told her to be prepared for them to put a stint in. They almost had to do that with me when I was pregnant, but mine finally passed. Well, Whit has been in the hospital ALL week but the stone still has not passed. So, yesterday the doctors put a stint in and Whitney said the relief was immediate. Once the stint was put it, 15 stones came out. Bless her heart!!!!!!!!!!! So, I'm talking to Whitney now through text messaging, and she is on her way home. Yay!! :) I told her Michael and I would love to bring her dinner tonight and chat about her lovely week in a hospital bed. So....after work I will go throw on something comfy, pick up some dinner, and head to my kidney stone friend's house. Abby will bring toys and make a mess all over her living room floor, Parker will probably spit up on her couch, and Michael will just make himself at home. Because that's what you do with true friends. You share your home, you share your secrets, and you share your memories.

I love you, Whitney!!! And I'm praying that the last part of your pregnancy goes without complications. God has truly blessed Michael and I with your and Ryan's friendship. And I'm excited about baby Holmes and Parker growing up together. And let's not forget Abby...I'm sure she'll be bossing them around for years to come! :) It's so neat to think back on when Jennifer told me about you...and now to see that she was right...I do love you...and I will always treasure your friendship!

kidney stones SUCK,


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