Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beach Bum~Day 1

Hey friends!!! Michael and I are at the beach for the next several days. Yes...JUST me and Michael. No kids. No friends. Just us! Don't get me wrong....we love our kids and friends, but we are loving the alone time. We don't get alone time very often, so we're not real sure what to do with ourselves. Let me tell you what we've done so far.

*We slept in

*We ate breakfast at Waffle House (right across from the Florabama). Saw lots of hungover people. Hilarious.

*We went to get some groceries. Sandwich stuff. Cereal. Frozen Pizza. Drinks. Snacks. The essentials to get us through the next several days.

*We changed clothes and headed to the beach. For the next 3 hours. Reading (Sophie Kinsella is the best author ever--i'm on my 5th book of hers!). Laying out. Walking. Relaxing. Ahhhh....

*We came back to the condo. Ate lunch. Showered. Michael went to play golf. I curled up on the couch and watched "Julie & Julia." Now I'm watching Cake Boss. Not to mention that these shows have inspired me to eat NON-STOP!

Our plans for the rest of the afternoon/night include: being lazy, eating pizza, watching movies, and whatever else we wanna do!! Do I miss my kids? YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! But I know they're in good hands, and I'm just trying to enjoy my time doing NOTHING!

Since Michael and I got married with a baby in my tummy, we've never really had much time to go on trips like this alone! Especially not for 4 nights!! So, that's why I've decided to blog about our trip. I want couples to know how important it is to set aside time with your spouse. Even with a full-time job and 2 CAN be done!
If you have any suggestions on things we should do while we're here (besides for the "obvious" lol), please let me know! I've thought about things like: Parasailing, bungee jumping, & getting matching tattoos (haha jk!)
*Shout out to my awesome boss who allowed me to make this trip! Lea Ann, you are the best!!! :)
bummin on the beach,


  1. OK, so this activity kind of silly but when we go to the beach we always play putt putt! Brian usually ends up laughing at me but we have a good time. And buy cheesy souvenirs for your kiddos :) AND enjoy relaxing!! That's the best!

  2. stay out on the beach all night - totally relaxing to hear the waves at night. Can't do that with kids due to the constant worry of their safety and security. Also, definitely a sunrise! Kids don't appreciate the silence and the majesty of the sunrise - plus who would wake a sleeping kid for THAT?!!! ha... but, it's a great moment for couples. No conversation necessary.