Saturday, June 12, 2010

LOTS to say!!!!!!

Ok, I'm wayyyyy behind on blogging this week. As well as household duties, and sleep! I am in the recliner right now after a long morning of ACT supervising.....and after a super long day in Jackson yesterday. 7 hours. 2 kids. By myself. EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!!! But for some reason, I still can't manage to sit still. I have been cleaning my house since I got home. And I have made plans tonight for the fam to go to The Cunningham's house ( for a cookout/water slide party. Life is short. Might as well have fun.....and be exhausted! :) My goal is to eventually catch up on "Ton's Thoughts" and "Friday's Friend" new pics....funny stories....and updates.....but right now all I want to do is sleep. So....I'm gonna catch yall up on some of my thoughts from this week. The next post will be updates and updated pics! (hopefully!)

*My dream car
Soooo....I got a new vehicle this week. If you refer back to last week's thoughts (i think), you will see that ONE of my dream cars is a white sequoia. Well, Michael got a phone call from his cousin, Justin Bishop who works at Herrin Gear Toyota, the other day and he told Michael that someone just traded in a white sequoia. We went to look at it and I fell in love!!!!! IT IS FINE! Exactly what I wanted! It's a year older than the Burban was and it has a little more miles on it, but a Toyota will long outlast a Chevy and they ended up giving us $1,500 more than we paid for the Suburban!!!! That is UNHEARD of with a trade in! So....we left there with the Sequoia AND $2,000 in our pocket! brainer! And I'm one happy girl :)

*Junk food JUNKIE!!!
I cannot force myself to eat healthy??? I've been working out alot lately, but all I can eat is junk food. So.....I'm pretty much working out so that I can eat! I'm getting nowhere!

I get a bad migraine about once every 6 months. It starts with seeing dots in my right eye. That's how I know it's about to start. So, Wednesday I start seeing dots. I take a pain killler (which ends up being expired). An hour later, I'm layin on the couch sound...sick as a dog. I finally go get in the bed at 8:00. I wake up the next morning feeling much better but super drained! YUCK!

I got an iPad for my birthday! Michael cannot wait to give presents. haha! I was sooooooooooo excited. Michael's mom got one a few weeks ago, and I have been playing with hers. Now I have my very own!!!! Well, Abby thinks it is partially hers. ha! Which it pretty much is...I've downloaded more apps for her than for me! I can't wait to get lots of fun apps on it.....for me!!!

I had a random thought the other day. Can you imagine that? ha!! I was chewing gum....which I rarely do because I hate when it loses flavor. And I started thinking. Is gum really made from whale fat? If so....what does tasteless gum taste like? Gross.

*5 hour energy shot
OH.MY.GOSH. I have never taken one of these, but my boss has told me several times that they work really good for her. So....yesterday before I ventured off to Jackson, I decided to take one. NEVER AGAIN!!!!! It made me very anxious and super tired!! I was real shaky and had bad anxiety all day. It was either the energy shot, or the fact that Jackson motorists make me a nervous wreck....and I had the kids all day by myself. Either was a very tiring day!

*Red, Yellow, Black, & White
Sooo....we went to see my dad yesterday while we were in Jackson. I had both kids in the waiting room because I had to feed Parker. Abby was walking around seeing what she could get into. All of the sudden she sees a little boy playing a "gameboy" (i don't know what they call them these days). She inches over towards him, and the little black boy (about 6 years old) tells her that she can watch him. So, she goes and gets in the chair with him. After a few minutes of watching him, he offers the game to Abby so she can play. He sits there and teaches Abby how to play and they are having the best time together. They got a few looks from other people in the waiting room, but it warmed my heart SOOOOOOOOOOOO much to see my sweet girl playing with this little boy. She has never questioned the color of someone's skin. Not once. Michael and I don't refer to people by the color of their skin. I've always been the type of person to judge someone for who they are on the inside, not the outside. I hope Abby continues to do the same.

*Spray tan
Sooo...I fell in love with my spray tan I got several weeks ago. So much so that I went to Sally's and bought a self-spray tanner. It comes with a refillable "gun" that you put cans of tanner in. I wasn't real sure how I was going to spray I got Michael to do it. Poor Michael thought it was gonna be a one time thing. Little did he know, it would need to be done every 3 days! haha!! It works really good....and it sure beats laying out in the 100 degree sun! It's called Salon Bronze. If you have a hubby that would be willing to spray you....go get some!

*What's in my bag???
Brittany Grooms, my fellow mama of a 9 monther, tagged me in a post called "What's in your bag?" Well, she made this an entire post, but I'm just too tired/lazy to go take pics of everything in my purse, so I'll just tell you what's in there. Right now I have: a can of hairspray (a big can, because my travel size ran out), 2 brushes, a make up bag, my wallet, 13 receipts, a couple happy meal toys, my iPod touch, phone charger, finger nail polish, tweezers, "Dare to Discipline" book, lotion, pain killers (oh, the joys of having kidney stones), a pair of earrings, gum, my co-lin name tag, 5 pens, a pencil, coupons, my vera bradley business card holder, and the security tag that came off my key to my new car! oh, and of course some money! :)

Ok....this post has taken me about an hour to write.....with a baby that's trying to escape out the back screen door, and a toddler that's trying to talk me out of "rest time." Daddy is outside helping install our tankless hot water heater. I think it's about time to call in for back up :) I hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay tuned for more updates a new pics!

living life in the fast lane,

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