Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MY 100TH POST!!!!!!!!

So....I've been thinking long and hard about how to "celebrate" my 100th post. I've come up with nothing! haha! So, I guess I'll just share 100 things about ME!....the good, the bad, and the ugly! I'm not sure if I can come up with 100, so I'm gonna get Michael and Abby to help.....

100-i love to be comfy

99-i love a clean baby

98-i bathe my kids every other night.....because i once heard that if you bathe too much, it washes off "essential oils" that your body needs? haha....i dont know?

97-i watch cartoons more than my shows.

96-i'm ok with that

95-i carry a big purse, because i like to cram random crap in there! (ex: a full can of hairspray, a miniature makeup bag, two wallets, a water bottle, a video camera, every kind of medicine i ever might need, snacks, LOTS of receipts, etcccc)

94-i laugh real hard (Abby came up with that one)....but I do LOVE to laugh!!!

93-i am OCD about a clean house.

92-if i'm ever in a bad mood, it's probably because my house is a mess

91-my definition of a messy house is:a few dishes in the sink, a couple toys on the floor, and beds unmade

90-i have blue eyes (Michael came up with that one. He's so creative!)

89-i loveeeeeeeeee the beach

88-i love to shop. but i am a penny pincher!! i will talk myself out of 99% of the things i put in my basket

87-my favorite flower is a SUNflower

86-i don't like to plant flowers. i just want someone to do it for me.

85-i unconsciously suck in my stomach/tighten my abs at all times

84-i love to be super cold and then crawl underneath a warm blanket.

83-i don't like to be hot

82-i am TERRIFIED of bees, wasps, horseflies, etc.

81-one of my biggest fears is that i'll be trapped in my car with any of the above and it would cause me to wreck

80-i'm a scaredy cat (Abby came up with that)

79-i love how Michael's arm pits smell. i guess i should say i love the way his deodorant smells!

78-i have no musical talent

77-i love to write

76-i had a poem published once

75-i'm starting to get baby fever already! YIKES!

74-i take lots of pics

73-i don't ever print them out

72-i have a nervous habit of pulling my eyelashes out

71-i'm incredibly beautiful (Michael came up with that one)

70-i am VERY insecure!!!!

69-i don't mind washing or folding clothes....but i hate putting them up!

68-i hate for people to be mad at me

67-i have no athletic ability

66-the only sport i like to watch is football

65-i am very tender hearted.

64-i WILL own a Corvette before I die. Either a brand new one, or a black Stingray convertible.

63-i love to watch people and try to figure out their "story"

62-i hate science and history.

61-i really don't remember anything i learned in school. i memorize, test, and forget.

60-i used to pick up my steak and eat it....until my first prom. my parents made me learn how to use a fork and a knife.

59-i love to organize.

58-i love lists.

57-i used to be in charge of our bills and budget....until this past March, Michael took over. it has been so nice!

56-i love to shop online because i love getting packages

55-the greatest joy in my life is being a mom and a wife

54-i try to fix people's problems because i want everyone to be happy

53-i can be envious at times. it's a constant struggle.

52-i like to decorate.

51-i have the MESSIEST car!!!

50-i have a chicken pox scar on my nose

49-i love spending time with my family.

48-i hateeeeeeeeeee bugs!!!!! if i see a bug in my house, i immediately call the exterminator!

47-i have made abby terrified of bugs. she will cry until i call the exterminator.

46-i love sweet tea, but i can't drink it because of my kidney stones

45-i have passed 6 kidney stones, gotten 5 blasted, and still have about 7

44-i hate when my husband is sick. he is my rock.

43-i assume.....alot!

42-i've only been in the ocean like 5 times in my entire life. i hate sharks and jellyfish.

41-my favorite color is light blue

40-i like to go go go!!!

39-i want long hair. but i have no patience to grow it out.

38-i love to dye my hair brown in the fall/winter.

37-michael likes it blonde.

36-i haven't always had bad time management, but 2 kids and a full time job will do that to ya!

35-i am VERY easily entertained

34-i can't stand for my hands to be sticky

33-i hate every picture of myself (see #70)

32-by the time i'm 30 i want to be: debt free, through having kids, and a stay-at-home mom

31-i love party food.

30-i'm silly (Abby came up with that one)

29-i miss my grandmother.

28-my dream job is to be a marketing rep/event planner at Disney World

27-i'm outgoing and love people (Michael came up with those)

26-I turn 26 on June 24th!!

25-my favorite shows: anything on TLC and HGTV, 24, The Bachelor/ette, American Idol, The Office

24-i love to make new friends

23-i freakin LOVE to dance...in the car, at work, at home, at a club, anywhere!!

22-i love me time. because it's very rare.

21-i have daddy issues.

20-i'm not where i want to be spiritually

19-i love to play games.

18-i like to plan and host parties!

17-i like attention

16-i like to read. i just don't ever have time.

15-i love a molten chocolate cake from Chili's

14-i like to travel

13-i have wrinkles under my eyes.

12-i want botox.

11-when i have an idea, i want it done right away!

10-i loveeeeeeeeeee Christmas. i love decorating, i love buying presents, i love being "Santa Claus," i love hosting parties, i love going to parties, i love celebrating the birth of Christ

9-i love to exercise. i just don't do it enough

8-i don't like to eat healthy stuff

7-i want to own a boat

6-i love to blog. Michael said it's like my BFF! ha!!!

5-i used to have my nose pierced.

4-i have crazy random dreams! i used to keep a dream journal.

3-i love chocolate chip pizza from Mazzios.

2-i clean out my fridge like once a month.

1-i love a good bubble bath!!

i'm just a girl,


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  1. I think 78 of these things are me as well! Fun post! Go check out my 100th a few months ago!