Thursday, June 3, 2010

~tOn'S tHoUgHtS oN tHuRsDaY~

*I need a hobby!
My typical summer day consists of: waking up at 6:00, working from 7:30-4:30, coming home and cleaning the house, cooking dinner (or picking up fast food), playing with the kids, catching up on some DVR (like once a week-if that!), bathing kids, straightening up the house, and then crashing!!! However, the 1st Tuesday of every month is Girl's Night Out and the 3rd Tuesday of every month is Bunko. So, that's a good break!!! But something is still missing. I NEED A HOBBY! Anything! But what???? I don't have the time (or patience) to scrapbook, I'm not athletic, and I'm so busy being a wife and I really have TIME for a hobby??? Maybe being a wife and mommy IS my hobby? Who knows....let me know if you have any simple hobby ideas :)

*I'm an idiot
Today I had to workout alone, because my workout partner had to run some errands. So, I'm in the fitness center by myself and I decide to try to tumble!!! hahaha!!! I'm pretty sure I haven't tumbled since high school....or junior high even! Well, it was very obvious when I landed on my head, broke my back, and pulled every muscle in my body. I laid on the floor and thought I was dying. My back will never be the same.

*Master's Degree
So, I'm wanting to go back to school. Is that the stupidest thing ever??!?! Well, ever since I've worked at Co-Lin, I've wanted to teach! Maybe not full time, but I want to be able to teach a class or two at a college level. The only way to make that a possibility is to go back to school to get my masters!!!! It'll have to be an online program, and I'm really scared about being disciplined enough to keep up with school work, work full time, and take care of mommy/wifey duties??? I was wanting to start in August, but I haven't done ANY it may be next year?!

*Bonita Springs, FL
The whole fam is going to the beach in July with Farm Bureau!!! Michael won another trip, but this time the whole family gets to go!!!!!!!! I'm SOOO excited, because this resort is supposed to be super nice! I've been doing alot of online shopping.....trying to find the kiddos some cute matching outfits to wear while we're there! Michael doesn't want me to match them EVERY day we're there, so I decided to compromise.....they'll match every OTHER day :) (I also got them matching swimsuits from Kelly's Kids!)

*Spray Tan update
A few people have asked me about my spray tan I got a couple weeks ago. I LOVED IT! It wasn't orange at all, it lasted a week, and it didn't sploch when it faded. If we had an extra $120 in our budget for tanning, I'd do it every week!

*Birthday Bash!!
Michael and I have birthdays in June that are 4 days apart. In the past, we have combined our birthdays and had 1 big party. I'm trying to think of something fun we could do this year?? I want to rent a limo and get it to bring us and all our friends to Jackson. But omg, that would cost a fortune....since it would be 2 hours of travel! So....who knows? We may just have another big cookout, because our last one was SO much fun!!

*A sick hubby=a sad wifey
I hate when Michael is sick! He is my rock, and when he's sick I feel like the whole house falls to pieces! It makes me sad to see Michael moping around. But he has been a great sick husband. All he could do for a couple days was just lay around....but when he saw that I needed help, he would force himself off the couch and help me tend to the kids. I really appreciate this, because truth be told.....when I'm sick-I just want to mope....not help!

I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow! I'm so excited it's finally Friday.....and I'm even more excited that I get off at 12:30!! yayayayayyayayayayayay :)

TGIAF (Thank God It's Almost Friday),

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