Monday, January 4, 2010

These are a FEW of my favorite things...

I'm a random blogger....I can't help it! haha!!! I have no rhyme or reason for anything I blog about...or anything I do, for that matter :) But I've just been on a kick of finding happiness and excitement in little silly things. Such as:

*Snuggies- obviously snuggies were the #1 Christmas gift of 2009 (well, maybe not #1), because I ordered 4 in the beginning of November and they were on backorder until Jan 17! SERIOUSLY!?!? No thanks! So, I cancelled those and went and bought some to give as gifts. Well, then I wanted one REAL bad....but...all the stores were sold out?? Soooo...finally Wal-Mart got some in and I about pee'd in my pants when I saw it. It's like a light from God shone down around it. The box with the pink snuggie on the front, so warm and cuddly, ahhhh....I've been snuggled up in it ever since :)
*Carmex- there is no greater feeling than the burning sensation of Carmex on your chapped lips. LOVE IT!
*Germ X- thank you, swine freakin flu for making me a crazy germ person!!!! Not just me, but I make Michael and Abby disinfect their hands after they touch anything that may have a germ on it! But it's been good, because for the most part we've stayed pretty healthy...just a mild cold and about 303402834 kidney stones (but germ x doesn't help with those)
*Fire- i am loving having a fireplace in our new house! and michael is undeniably obsessed!!!!!! there's just something about getting in your pjs, wrapping up in your snuggie, starting a fire, and watching TV with your hubby, or playing on the floor with the kiddos.
*Fried rice- YUMMY!!!!!! I could probably eat Bonsai every day of my life. But since we live an hour from Bonsai, it just can't happen that way. But...I have a husband that makes the 2nd best fried rice EVER! It just makes my tummy so happy! :)
*Getting my eyebrows waxed- I'm not sure there are many people out there that love putting hot wax on their eyebrows, followed by putting a piece of paper over that hot wax, and then ripping it off with no warning. But i LOVE it....and i also love having the stray ones plucked. HAHA!! I love freshly waxed eyebrows....even though mine stay red for about a week afterwards!
*Clean babies- I love giving my babies a bath. First of all, it's probably good for them to stay clean. Secondly, i love the smell and sight of a clean baby.
*Facebook- I'm just not sure what I'd do without it. I love to stalk people and their photos. Confession: I have about 10 people that I search for right when I sign in, to see if they've added new pics or to see what they're up to...but I will never say who! heehee!
*Sweet tea- It has become a treat for me, since sweet tea is a kidney stone's worst enemy. I mainly drink water, but sometimes I'll splurge for a large sweet tea....and I enjoy every drop!
*Wheel of fortune- I'm so good at this game! I wish they'd come to Brookhaven so I could win millions.
*XM radio- Michael got me XM for the 'burban for Christmas, and I'm obsessed. POP 2K and 90's on 90 are my favorites.
*A clean house- I'm real OCD about having a clean house. I cannot stand for things to be out of place. But I get it honestly. However, I have just recently found someone to come once a week to clean for me. I cannot wait!!!!

there are many more, but the Bachelor just came on so I must go watch! Happy New Year, by the way! I hope God blesses each one of you in 2010.

easily amused,

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