Monday, January 11, 2010

My babies are growing up soooooooo fast!!!

Ok, so we just celebrated Abby's 3rd....yes, THIRD...birthday!!!!! And we've also celebrated Parker turning 4 months...sigh! It seriously feels like just yesterday Abby was learning to crawl...and now we're almost ready for Parker to begin that journey! Wow....

Abigail Roselynn Bishop
-27 lb, 34 in
-She starts gymnastics TOMORROW!! I can't wait for her to have a little "hobby" that's an hour focused on just her! I'm so excited because her class is every Tuesday at 5:30, so that means I'll be able to take her every week and watch :)))
-She LOVES her baby brother. Of course she gets jealous sometimes, but for the most part she is a great help!
-She has so many friends...and she talks about them all the time. She gets so excited when we have play dates with them. And Michael and I don't mind these play dates one bit, because the parents of Abby's friends are some of our best friends in the world!
-She is very creative. However, she doesn't like to play by herself very much. She wants Michael and I to be part of her pretend play at all times, so there really is never a dull moment around here. I can't wait til Parker can play with her!
-She is sassyyyyyyyyyy and acts just like me! It really cracks me up, so I end up laughing when I should be getting on to her for certain things.
-I could go on and on about how precious she is, but all summed up....she is a pure joy!

Brandon "Parker" Bishop
-13 lb 2 oz, 25 in
-He is laughing!!! We just found out, like 10 minutes ago, how to make him laugh hysterically!! (SP??) It's the most precious sound in the world.
-He is such a happy, laid back, chill baby! He has his moments, but really the only time you'll hear him cry is when he's hungry....and sometimes he fights sleep like WHOA!
-He is FINALLY sleeping in his crib (a little ha!). For the first 4 months of his life, he slept right next to me in our bed every night. I loved that time (and still do), but I knew that it was time to get him in his crib :( So, he sleeps in his crib from about 10-4, and then when (if) he wakes up crying, I just put him in bed with me. I'm not the kind of mom that will wake up in the middle of the night and try to rock him back to sleep....or just listen to him cry himself back to sleep....he goes right back to sleep when I lay him down with me, so that's what we do!
-He's rolling over! From front to back...and occassionally back to front.
-He smiles nonstop...melts my heart every time!
-He lovessssssss watching T.V., so I got him some Baby Einstein movies and he'll watch the entire movie!
-He's getting alot more hair on the top of his mom made a mohawk with it today :)
-His doctor told us to go ahead and start him on cereal and some veggies, so I can't wait to see how that goes!
-He is a total mama's boy...and I'm okay with that! When he's upset, he doesn't want anyone but me.'s taken me an hour to write this blog...trying to cook dinner, then eat dinner, playing with Abby, watching The Bachelor, and trying to just relax a little. I'll try to be more consistent with these blogging updates....but I'll go ahead and apologize when I'm not :)

I love my life as a mommy and a wife,

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