Monday, January 25, 2010

I can finally breathe!!!!

I am SO excited that I can finally breathe and rest for "a minute!!" In August, I was busy with a new full-time job, being 9 months pregnant, being in a new house, and getting ready for all the changes that 2 kids bring you. From September to November, I had Parker and kept Abby home from school because of the swine flu. So, needless to say, I had my hands full and didn't have time to think, much less REST! In November, I started back to work and was busy cramming 3 months of recruitment into ONE! Then in December, I was buying and wrapping presents, hosting Christmas parties, going to Christmas parties, watching Christmas movies, being Santa Claus, and just trying to enjoy the holidays in my "spare time!" In January, I started back to work, got Parker settled in at Co-Lin daycare, advised/registered a billion students, finished up my College Preps at the high schools, started Abby in gymnastics, planned a birthday party, HAD a birthday party, hosted a baby shower, and now....I can finally breathe!!!!!

Whew...I think I just now realzied how crazy busy my life has been over the past 6 months!!!!!!! I'm really looking forward to just taking it easy for a while and maybe getting to rest a little. I was asked to join Junior Auxillary of Brookhaven this past week and I was soooooooooo excited about it, because it's something I've wanted to do since I moved here. But after someone explained it to me in great detail, I just wasn't sure if I'd be able to do it right now? I don't like to commit to something and only be able to give 10%, and I don't like to over-commit. So, JA just might have to wait another year or two...but it is DEFLY something that I want to do!

So, Michael and I started a Dave Ramsey "class" at FBC of Brookhaven. We've only met twice, but I am SO excited about learning how to manage our money a little better. For those of yall who KNOW me, you know that I am O-C-D about everything...but especially money!! I have a strict budget that I write out every month, we do the "envelope system", and we always have money saved (well, until Christmas wiped us out). But one thing I've never been good at is--paying off debt. We don't have much debt at all, but I get so stressed out about it. SO, I'm really excited to let Dave take over and have financial peace!

The kids:

*Abby- Like I said earlier, Abby has started gymnastics! And she is loving it!! She is the youngest and smallest in her class, but she can hold her own! She keeps up with the big girls and does everything they do! In between her class meetings, I "practice" with Abby. We practice cartwheels, flips, splits, balance, and toe touches (more like spread eagles hahaha). She LOVES practicing and showing me and her daddy all her "tricks."

*Parker- is eating BABY FOOD!! I can't believe it...but Dr. Smith gave us the go ahead on baby food at Parker's 4 month check up. We started him with rice for a couple weeks and then introduced CARROTS! Well, actually I introduced carrot apple mango first....BIG MISTAKE! He was obsessed...and wouldn't take his bottle for 2 or 3 feedings! But then I got him some plain carrots, and he has done so good with them...and is still continuing to suck down his bottle. I nursed Parker for 4 months and then switched to formula. He started off taking 4 oz, but now he takes 5 or 6 oz! Him and Abby have both had congestion/cough for the past week. Probably because this stupid MS weather keeps going from 15 to 50 to 70 to 45 to 60. UGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I hate when my babies don't feel good! Parker started daycare at Co-Lin this month. His teacher is Mrs. Maragaret and he LOVES her!!!!! Parker is one of 3 babies in his class, so he gets lots of attention. The childcare is right across the street from my office, so I go check on him alot :) I am so blessed to have both my kids on campus with me, and I am forever grateful to Mrs. Mary Price for making it happen!

So, I keep forgetting to "dump" my pictures onto my computer so I can share them with everyone! I'll try to do that later today and have a "picture post" to share soon!

ready to rest,

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