Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love Dare~Day 2

So...did everyone make it through their dare yesterday? For accountability purposes, I will tell you each day if I did or did not....and yesterday, I DID!! YAY!! :) However, the fact that Michael was in his own little world last night did make patience a little difficult! haha! Ok, let's get started with Day 2.

"Love is Kind"

"Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you." -Ephesians 4:32

A few notes from today's reading:

~If patience is how love REACTS in order to minimize a negative circumstance, kindness is how love ACTS to maximize a positive circumstance.
~4 basic ingredients:
-Gentleness-If you need to say hard things, you'll bend over backwards to make your rebuke or challenge as easy to hear as possible. You speak the truth in love.
-Helpfulness-Kindness graces a wife with the ability to serve her husband without worrying about her rights.
-Willingness-Rather than complaning and making excuses, you look for reasons to compromise and accommodate.
-Initiative-They don't require the other to get his/her act together before showing love.
~Your enjoyment in marriage should always be linked to the daily level of kindness expressed.
~Don't wait for your spouse to be kind first!
~Love determines to show thoughtful actions even when there seems to be no reward, or praise!!!!!! (Keep this in mind as you do you dare today)

Today's Dare:

In addition to saying nothing negative to your spouse again today, do at least one unexpected gesture as an act of kindness.

To Journal:

~What discoveries about love did you make today?
~What specifically did you do in this dare?/How did you show kindness?
~Were you able to complete today's dare?

I hope everyone has a great day! Don't forget to bless your spouse in a specific way today...and do it without expecting a reward or praise!! :)

brushing up on kindness,

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