Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Ok, I've got to share the "exciting news" first....and then I'll share some Easter photos!
We went to the doctor yesterday, and there on that ultrasound machine.....was a.....little....BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! YES! YES! YES! Totally shocked...but excited! I couldn't stop smiling yesterday! And yes.....Michael is freakin ECSTATIC :) And so is our precious Abby! She must've told 100 people yesterday, "BABY BWUDER!!!" And then, yesterday afternoon I told Abby that she needed to start talking to baby brother, because he can hear her voice. So, she leaned down to my tummy, and said...."Hey brother...I'm going to Disney World!!" hahaha!! Oh, my heart is so filled!! What a blessing to have a sweet girl, and now a precious boy! But....what do I do with a boy?! Ahhhh!!! No dresses, no bows, no frilly socks, no sponge rollers, etc etc. HOWEVER; I let Michael know right off that I will dress him for the first 3 years...and then he can take over with the blue jeans, camo, and baseball caps! ;) Thank yall for all your prayers and encouragement. Everything is looking perfectly normal right now, so I can breathe a sigh of relief. We still have about 4 1/2 months left though, so please continue to pray!
So, here's a little about our Easter weekend:

Michael and I were both off Friday, so we spent the entire day in Jackson. We ate Bonsai (one of my favorites), spent time with my sister, and did a little shopping!! It was so nice to hang out all day as a famliy. And then that night we went to The Bishop's church for their Easter cantata. It was really good!
Saturday, we dyed Easter eggs, had a few "practice Easter egg hunts", ate lunch with the in-laws, and then went to Gallman for a big Easter egg hunt with my parent's church. It was fabulous!! We hunted eggs, ate good food, and just enjoyed the beautiful weather. By the time we got home Saturday night, I was ready to crash!! I got a few things done around the house, and then crawled in the bed with Abby around 9:30!
So, Sunday I had to get up around 6:00 to hide the Easter eggs that I didn't hide the night before. I hid 30 eggs around the house, and then woke Abby up. Well, Miss Grouchy Non-Morning Child was having NOTHING to do with finding Easter eggs. So, I let her find her basket and she just played with that....and then a little later she started seeing the eggs laying around and got interested :) So, we went to church as family, ate lunch in Crystal Springs with my family, and then came back home and rested.
I was off Monday, and like I already said, we had a dr appt that morning. Afterwards, me and Abby just hung out and started packing for our DISNEY TRIP!!! 2 more days....YAY!!

Here are some pics from this weekend:

This will be my last post until we get back from Disney World!!!!!!! So, tune in next week around Thursday for some Disney pics and stories :)
filled with joy, and truly blessed,


  1. These are cute pics! I love the egg dying in a diaper photo!

  2. Boy oh boy! wonderful, wonderful! little boys loooove their momma's so you better get ready for that little dude!! soooo sweet. Congratulations!