Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just exhausted.....

I'm really no good at this blogging thing. I don't ever really have anything exciting to say, and I haven't been good at posting pics!!! Maybe it's just because I've been so exhuasted lately. I was sick every day for 2 months. Now, let me start off by saying that I was extremely thankful for the sickness, because it assured me that everything was okay with the baby....but it wore me out-physically & mentally! I think I'm over the sickness part (for now), but now I have the sinus crud! And when I say crud I mean: drainage (which is making me sick), and sinus pressure so extreme that I think my eyes could pop out of my head at any moment!!!!!!!!! But I guess it could be worse....I could have the flu, or the stomach virus, or my precious baby girl could be sick....yes, it could definitley be worse! However, I'm just ready to feel like myself again. I know in reality, I probably won't be "myself" for another 8 months or more....but maybe just a full 24 hours of feeling good would be nice! And it's not just me that's suffering....poor Michael! He really has been such a good sport, but I am making it very difficult. I just feel a little more naggy and irritable than usual, and I know it's about to drive him up the wall. Do you know HOW I know it's driving him up the wall?....because he put himself on the prayer list Sunday at church! Bahahahahahaha :) But you know my thoughts on that....if women have to go through pregnancy and labor, then the least the men could do is PUT UP WITH OUR HORMONES! LoL! So...maybe this blog was just a chance for me to vent: I'm tired (exhausted actually), I'm irritable, I'm sick, I don't want to be social, I need a tan, I need new clothes (that fit), I'm empty (spiritually), but most of all...I am thankful! Through the daily bad attitudes and exhaustion, I try to constantly thank God for this miracle inside of me. I know that all these things are just a part of pregnancy, so if God needs me to go through this in order to have a healthy pregnancy, then....Bring the Rain! But as I let this rain pour down on me...just keep me in your prayers. I just need strength to make it through daily routine (which the Lord has provided each and every day, and I couldn't make it through a full 24 hours without His help), and I need a positive attitude.

Thanks for visiting my blog....sorry I'm not better at posting pictures....but I do have a couple sonogram pics from last week that I want to share. And I'll try to take some updated ones of Abby to share too :)

Tired, but Thankful,


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