Monday, March 9, 2009

Disappointment, Worry, & Excitement!

I am SO disappointed that Abby didn't make it into the Top 5 of Regis & Kelly's cutest baby contest! I mean....WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?!? I'm pretty sure that Abby is the #1 Cutest Baby, so they must have just misplaced her picture!!! Haha....just kidding! Yes, I am disappointed that she didn't make it, and I DO think she is (by far) the cutest child in the world....but I'll try not to be a psycho mom in the meantime! haha! I mean, they DID get around 30284089324 pictures submitted, and I'm sure Abby's cute little face just got lost in the crowd....but WE know that she should've won. And that's all that matters. :) So, on that are some pictures of Abby that we took this weekend, and one of Abby with her 2 best friends from Hatti:

Some days I wonder if I'll ever stop worrying about this pregnancy and just relax??? I really try to just trust the Lord with it, but I guess it's just my human nature to worry about this precious baby! Every little pain and discomfort gets me in a frenzy. It's a wonder Dr. Mills and his nurse haven't kicked me out as a patient, from worrying them to death with my petty concerns and random questions! haha!! Some days I really do have a peace about it, but some days I worry myself sick. I have decided that alot of this has to do with the fact that I have just not been in the Word like I need to be. best friend and I started "The Frazzled Female" Bible study today, and we are going to hold eachother accountable and pray for eachother on a daily basis. I know that I'll find peace once I dig into the Word every day, and have someone to keep me accountable. I'm really excited about all that God is going to do through this study! But please keep me in your prayers as I struggle daily with my thoughts of this pregnancy. I go March 24th for a check up, so I'll keep everyone updated.

Not only am I excited about starting this frazzled female study, but I am also ECSTATIC about our family vacation to.....DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of Michael's friends is dating "Sleeping Beauty", so she has been nice enough to get us some discounts on a Disney resort and all our tickets! Michael and I decided that we just couldn't pass this up, for several reasons: 1) this entire trip is going to cost us half of what it normally would, 2) this will probably be our last BIG trip with just Abby, before the baby is born, 3) Abby is obsessed with everything Disney right now....Mickey Mouse, Handy Manny, Winnie the Pooh, all the princesses, etc. So, we decided to just splurge and go for it! I was raised in a single parent home, but my mom always splurged and did big & fun things for me and my sister. So, I want to do that for Abby. We are in the process of saving every bit of extra money right now so we can pay off all our debt by June. So, in reality this probably isn't the smartest thing to do since it will take away some of our savings....but family fun definitley comes first! :) We leave April 16th and will stay 5 nights. I've got SO much to do and plan before we's gets me excited just thinking about it!!! If anyone has any "Disney tips" please let me know.
in search of peace,

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