Thursday, February 5, 2009

~Weekend Getaway~

Do yall ever get to the point where life just seems to wear you down? Wishing for 5 more minutes in the bed, sleep walking to the shower, thinking of how you have nothing cute to wear, eating breakfast in the car, working all day, get home, fix dinner, search for that last bit of energy you have to play with your toddler, trying to stay awake past 9:30 so you can have alone time with your husband...and on and on. Well, that's definitley where I am right now. In desperate need of a weekend getaway. And is God good or what?! Because He has provided that getaway for me and Michael....THIS WEEKEND!!! We're going to Perdido Key with 2 other couples. No kids, just pure adult time! Now, don't get me wrong...I am totally wrapped up in my precious 2 year old. But Michael and I decided from day 1 that making time for eachother was a MUST! We try to get away, "kidless", at least once a month. However, our last getaway was in December, so we're due for some time alone! Just time to fall in love all over again, eat a meal without chasing Abby around a restaurant, stay up late, be spontaneous...ha! I LOVE IT! So, today I will continue to fulfill my duties at work, make a Wal-Mart run, get everyone packed, and love on my sweet baby girl until it's time to leave. But starting tomorrow at noon, it'll be nothing but shopping, eating, resting, relaxing, movies, games, and beach! And then we'll return home on Sunday, totally our marriage, & as parents! So, be thinking about us this weekend...say a prayer for safe travel and safety for Abby as she will be in the care of her Mimi and Papaw. I'll try to take some pics, so I can post them along with a complete description of our ~weekend getaway~

much love!


  1. OH my goodness!!! I am so jealous of you. ;) I know exactly how you feel and I am at that point myself! I told Dwight the other day that I need to get away for a weekend or overnight just the two of us...I feel SSSOOOO stressed right now and don't know why. I need a relaxing weekend!!! away from here!!!! Love ya and hope yall have an awesome weekend..

  2. Hooray Tonya! I'm so glad for you two! I love your posts...i thought I was reading a play by play of my own day at first! :) I have always thought highly of you as a mother and wife. Nicole told me that you used to send Michael off with notes of scripture and a prayer early in your marriage and I always wanted to be like that. Thanks for the inspiration. Yall have fun!! I'll pray Abby will have a great time with those caring for her and that you won't miss her too much. Take care!