Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not much to say....

Ok, so I guess this will be my "weekly post"...even though there's not much to say?! Not too much has changed since my post last week, but I'll try to come up with something! :) Hmmm....well, January is almost over and now we're getting ready for the busy month of February!! But before I get to that, I must ask for prayer!! I don't know if I mentioned this last week, but Michael started flight lessons about a month ago. And tomorrow will be his first SOLO FLIGHT! Just the thought of Michael flying makes me a nervous wreck, but this is something he's always wanted to do, so I'm trying to be supportive!! However; I do need yall to pray for us both tomorrow as he goes up by himself! And then, after that....he's flying with some guys from our church to a Men's Conference in Woodstock, GA. Pray that the Lord will open his heart to His word this weekend, and that Michael will be refreshed as he spends time with the Lord and the guys in our church! Thanks :) Ok, now on to February....busy busy busy!! I always like to break down the month in "weekends", because for those of us who work, weekends are pretty much our only social life, ha! So, Feb 5-8 we're going to the beach with some couples from our church. One of the couples, Ryan & Whitney, have a condo in Perdido Key, so we're all going (kid-less) to just relax and enjoy adult fellowship! WooooHoooo!!! But 3 nights away from Abby is a stretch for me, so we'll see how that goes. And then, Feb 13-we're having a Valentine's Day get together with our Sunday School class, and Feb 14-is of course Valentine's Day, yayyyy!! Does anyone have any suggestions on a good VDay happy for a hubby? I try to be real creative every year, but this year I just haven't come up with anything?! HELP!!!!! The weekend of Feb 20-22, we have my mom's birthday and the charity ball. Never been to the charity ball, so if anyone has some advice or comments to share....please do share! And then Feb 27-Mar 1, we have NOTHING! I always love "nothing weekends" because all we do is lay around in our pj's til Sunday's my favorite thing in the world to do! Cook big meals, watch movies, play dolls & dress up, cuddle, and just hang out with my babies....I L-O-V-E it!! Well, now that I've shared what we're doing during February, I guess that frees me up to write my next post in MARCH! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! JK! Hopefully I'll have some more exciting "happenings" before then! Please share your comments and Valentine's Day ideas with me....I look forward to hearing back. One last thing....we have an "unspoken prayer request"...I don't want to share details, but please be praying for our family. God knows. ;)

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  1. Great to hear from you, Tonya! How'd the solo flight go? That is so very exciting!! And a little scary at the same time. Tell me this beautiful child is Abby....the one for the photo contest?? oh my word. What a doll!!!!. Literally she looks like a little doll. When did that baby turn into this big girl?? Wow. Love following your blog, my friend!
    Love heather