Friday, January 23, 2009

My first "official" blog

Ok, so I've decided to try this whole "blogging" thing! I don't promise to be the best at it, but I think it'll be fun to keep everyone updated on daily life (or maybe weekly life ha!)...and get feedback! So, this is my first official blog...and I think I'll keep it pretty simple! Life is good. And when I say good, I mean very tiring, and repetitive, very slow paced, and crazy at times! But through all the tiresome, crazy, slow paced days....God is still blessing our family in ways that I can't even fathom! I mean, sure....I'd love to be in a house right now, with 2 kids, a big yard, a little lab puppy, and be debt free! But that's not where God has us right now, so we'll continue taking it a day at a time, going through the valleys, and rejoicing on the mountaintops...until God brings us to the next step in our journey. Where are we in our journey right now? Well, we're living for free, saving money, paying off debt, going through a "40 Days of Purpose" study, hanging out with friends, making time for just "us", and letting the hard times draw us closer to the Lord. You know...I like to put a time limit to everything: in 6 months we'll have all our debt paid off, in a year we'll be in a house, by the time we're 30 we'll have 3 kids, etc....but what do I know? NOTHING! God is the one who has my life all planned out, not me! And as hard as it is to hand complete control over to's just what I have to do, on a daily (minutely ha!) basis. So, in the meantime...I'm going to research my God-given purpose, take care of the "me" in mommy, and strive to be the best little wife that I can be :)


  1. Tonya! I am so glad you started a blog! And might i say, I am soooo impressed! You've got some fancy stuff on here and beautiful pics!!! I have thought about you recently and wondered how you were doing. I am so encouraged by your post and so happy to know about your blog. I found it via Tish's . Maybe one day I will figure out how to improve mine....I'd just be glad to be able post a picture and match it with the post it was intended for! HA!!! ANyway, loved seeing this! Take care!!

  2. Awwww.....hey Heather!!!!!! Long time, no see! How are you? How are YALL?! Thanks for visiting my blog...I've been browing yours, but I can't figure out how to "follow" yours? I'm so new to all this....I'm a blog dork! :) Please keep in touch!