Saturday, November 28, 2009

The WORST Blogger EVERRR!!!

Ok, so it's been almost SIX months since I've blogged!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I've been very busy, but seriously, how long would it have taken me to simply blog a little here and there?!?!!? my blog will consist of a brief overview of the past several months, and then pics will soon follow....

July-Our big highlight in July was our family vacation to Washington D.C. I was 8 months preggie and was a little on the miserable side. However, this was my first time in D.C. and I really enjoyed it (besides for walking soooo much!!). Abby also had fun, even though she didn't understand the historical greatness of this city! It was a great time for everyone :) ready for this??? In August, I started full time at Co-Lin as the student recruiter, Abby started "school" for the first time, I hit the 9 month preggie mark, and we BOUGHT a house!!!!!!!!! It is an understatement to say that August was CA-RAZYYYY!! But it was also a super exciting time for us! We have been so patient in waiting for God to provide us a house, and it was well worth it because our house is fabulous! God is SO good!! Our families worked so hard to get us settled in before the baby got here, and it finally felt like "home."

September-I worked the first week in September, and then on September 8th we had Brandon Parker Bishop! He was 6 lb 12 oz and was 19.5 inches. He is such a blessing from God!!!!!!!!! Abby loved him immediately and has proven to be the BEST big sister! The rest of September consisted of lots of crying and worrying!!

October-Two words sum up this month....SWINE FLU!!!!!! I spent manyyyyy hours worrying about my babies getting the swine flu. It started to consume me, and Michael and I made the "Lexapro decision." I talked to my doctor and he recommended that I get on Lexapro to balance out my hormones. I always told myself that I'd never get on medicine like that, but I knew that until my hormones got back to normal, I needed some help! Michael and I also decided to keep Abby home from school until Parker had his shots, just to keep her from bringing home any kind of sickness.

November-I started back to work on November 3rd, and by this time, I had my life back! Lexapro literally saved my life and my sanity! And thank God, because November was crazyyyyyyyyyy at work!!!! I had SO much to catch up on and was in a different high school every day recruiting for Co-Lin. Even though it was crazy busy, I was having the time of my life. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing job that I love going to every day! Not only do I have the best job...I have the absolute greatest co-workers ever! So, when I started back to work, Abby started back to school. She was SO excited to see all her friends!! The transition was shockingly easy!! I'm able to go home pretty much every day on my lunch break to see my little man, and being away from him and Abby makes my time with them even more special.

So....that brings me to today. I have been off this past week for Thanksgiving break, and it has been WONDERFUL! I have been able to spend quality time with my 2 children and my husband. November is finally winding down and December 1st is right around the corner! I filled in our calendar on my dry erase board, and December is full of 12 Christmas parties, a couple Christmas parades, cookies with Santa, and much more!!!!!! So, as I sit here in my new house, on my new couch, with spit up on my shirt, my baby in his swing, the smell of syrup dripping off my daughter's face, my husband waiting on the Egg Bowl, the Christmas tree all lit up, and the feeling of contentment...I am reminded of all that I have to be thankful for! God has blessed our family in ways that I would have never dreamed of, and I can't wait to see what our future holds!

a child of the Living God,
Tonya Bishop :)


  1. Glad you're back! Hope you'll update more often, but sounds like life is SUPER busy!

  2. don't worry about it girl, life happens! I'm still following ya! :-)