Sunday, September 12, 2010

*August Update & Birthday Parties*

Ok....oh my gosh....where do I even start?!?! I've had several people ask me when I was going to blog again. I thought to myself....."When do I ever have time?!?!??!!??" Ahhhhhhhhhh.....story of my life!!! But tonight is the night. I don't care if I have to stay up til midnight. I am GOING to update my blog. If not for me....for yall!

Here's what we did in August:

*Princess Party
Abby and I went to a princess party at our church. This was such a NEAT idea!! They had a princess party for the girls and a pirate party for the boys. The girls got to have their hair done by a local stylist, get their makeup done by the mommies, nails painted, they did crafts, they sat down at a table that was decorated for nothing less than a princess, and then they got to watch the Veggie Tales movie, "Princess Sweetpea" or something like that?! I almost didn't stay.....Abby insisted that she was big enough to be by herself....but they needed more help, so I stayed. And I'm SO glad I did.

*Sissie Beach Trip
So....I tried to plan one last "girls trip" to the beach before school started. It ended up that the majority of the girls had something going on that weekend, so I asked Lauren if she'd want to go just me and her! Off we went! We had never been on a trip with just the two of us before, so we were SUPER excited!!! We always have the best time together....I just couldn't wait to be together for 3 days! We stayed with my aunt and uncle so it was also nice to spend some time with them too. We got there late Friday night, so we just went to bed. Saturday it was a rainy blah day, so we went to the outlet malls. Since we weren't able to get any sun that day, we went to the tanning bed!!! :) After the tanning bed, we walked over to a Mexican restaurant where we were told that we were too SHORT to sit at the bar!!!!!! hahaha.....after insisting that we sit at the bar, we realized very quickly that the waiter was so right! So...we got a booth! hahaha!!! We went to eat with our aunt and uncle that night and then went out to Seville Quarter. It was my first time there, but it DEFLY won't be my last. We had soooooooooooo much fun!!!!!! Except for when a guy asked Lauren if I was her MMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!????????? ugh! I can't talk about it. So, then Sunday we woke up to another blah day. We hung out for a little while and then headed back home. It was such a fun, relaxing, hilarious trip. I love you, sissie lu!

*School started
When school starts back at Co-Lin, it's a madhouse!!! We were SOOOOOOOOO busy for about two weeks, and I went home everyday exhausted! When Co-Lin starts back, that means that it's time for my babies to go back to school. Abby LOVES her new preschool class, and Parker is getting adjusted to his toddler class. He's the youngest in his class. But I just love having my kids on campus with me! Now that school has started back, I am on the recruitment road again. I LOVE IT! I've already been to Enterprise, Copiah Academy, and tomorrow I go to Loyd Star. It's so fun!! And I'm also a co-sponser for our Trailblazer (student recruitment) team. We have such a fabulous group....I'm so excited about it!!

*4 year Anniversary!
Yupp....Michael and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary!!! It's a tradition that we go somewhere for our anniversary instead of buying eachother stuff. 1 year-Ross Bridge Resort in Birmingham, 2 year-New Orleans, 3 year-Bed & Breakfast in Natchez, and 4 year-Beau Rivage. We decided not to do a big trip this year, because we're going to Disney World in January and Hawaii in April. And plus, we had some friends that were going to the Beau that weekend to see a show, so we decided to go with them. We had a blast!! We saw some "circus/acrobat" show that Friday, ate at the buffet, went to the club, and then the next day we shopped! The past 4 years with Michael have been the best of my life. Yes, we have had some rocky times and some stressful times, but there is NOBODY else in this world that I'd rather share my life with. The good and the bad.

I'm sure there are some things I left out about August but it's 10:00 and I've still got to talk about Parker's birthday....hehe....

I cannot believe my little baby is already ONE! Sigh....
Since he is 12 months old, I just feel like it's appropriate to list 12 things about Parker being one:
1-he calls me and michael by "name"....MAMA.....DADA
2-when you ask him where something is and if he doesn't know, he'll do his arms up like "I don't know!?"
3-he is off the bottle and off baby food...nothing but real food & sippy cups
4-he sleeps 1/2 the time with us and 1/2 the time in his crib. Hey, it's a start! :)
5-i bought him curl shampoo because i'm determined that he's gonna have like perm curly hair!
6-if you take something from him he'll say, "MINE!"
7-he's not walking yet, but he'll stand up from a sitting position
8-his personality is absolutely adorable....he is such a happy funny kid!
9-the kid eats alllllllllllllllllllll the time...and only weights 18.5 lbs?!
10-he hates hats
11-he loves to throw balls back and forth
12-he finally has teeth.....6 of them!

Ok, here are SOME pics from his birthday/party. For a full album, check out my facebook page because it seriously takes 5 minutes to upload ONE picture!!:)

Thanks to everyone who follows my blog. I wish I had time to blog more, but I do what I can :) I started this blog just for fun....I never thought I'd touch other people's lives through my experiences. God is good!

one tired mommy,

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  1. Tonya- I totally feel your pain about the blogging thing :) But keep it up! I love reading your stories....whenever you have time to post!